Slip Stitches and Garter Stitch

Recently I have been experimenting with using slip stitches to create rows of two colors. I have been working little swatches of garter stitches using leftover yarn and slipping stitches along a row as I add a new color every other stitch. One can create interesting patterns with relatively fast results....Happy knitting. And happy weekend.---Cullen

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interesting (1)

I like that.

So, would it appear like that on both sides? Regular garter stitch colour changes, of course, only show the mingled ridge on one side (generally accepted as the 'W'[rong] side) and a definitive stop from one colour to the next on the "R"[ight] side. I think it would look awesome to see something like this completely reverse-able. Could you imagine something like a blanket or a sweater that's perfect on both sides?

Excellent mind for design, you have there.


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Really cool, I've never seen slip stitch done in garter before.