#1 and #2

The left one is affectionately called "Gimpy", you can see why. Learned a good bit from that poor thing...such as my friend's default is the purl stitch and NOT the knit (hence the huge row gap there) and that adding and subtracting stitches comes naturally to clueless beginners like me...now if i just knew HOW i did it.
The right one is my first (and only) 2x2 ribbed scarf to date. The yarn for this one was randomly found in a box at a thrift shop and the lady didn't even know it was in there. Got two skeins for $0.75.
Both are proudly worn by my Mum. She has NO problem telling EVERYONE her son knits.

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I look at #1 and then at #2 and wish I could improve that quickly. Well done!

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Don't feel bad...outside of my first attempt at something i'm a perfectionist of sorts so you don't even want to know how many times i scrapped and started the 2x2 rib over again. X_x
Besides, it took me half a year to finish a baby blanket that only had stockinette and moss/seed stitch borders. So you shouldn't feel bad at all sir!

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figure out how to re-create that zig, and then a corresponding zag. repeat them at intervals and you've created your own pattern!!