Ribbed Beanie

Revised ribbed beanie, 4x2 ribs.

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skogknits's picture

nice and simple, but beautifully done!!!

Monoped's picture

Thanks. I'm still new to needle useage so am keeping my ideas pretty basic, besides, I'm 70% frou-frou free :).

great hat!  whats the yarn?

Monoped's picture

Cheers! It's made from "Naturelle" Pure New Zealand wool. 10 ply so it knit up a lot faster than my last hat.

Chris Vandenburg's picture

Great picture!!  That's one of the cutest ear lobes I have ever seen!!

Seriously, the pic really shows the detail well.  It is really good looking.

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Monoped's picture

Shucks. & I was gonna apologize in the post for the crappy 3am, self-taken pic. BTW, it likes to be gnawed & nuzzled, the lobe that is.

Stephen450's picture

I'm looking for an easy hat for a beginner like myself. Is there a pattern, or did you just make it up?