Any one in the Raleigh Durham / Cary area?

Just seeing if there are any good knit-ups and/or groups I should look into. I will be in Durham and Cary next week (a few days in each). Following week will find me in Boston.



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The Durham shop, Cozy (at 9th Street and Markham Avenue), is worth a visit. Their two groups have met for this month. There is a shop in Chapel Hill (yarns etc). In Raleigh there is Great Yarns, plus another one that I don't know the name of. Don't know if any of those have groups or not.

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Although I've lived back in the Triangle Area (Raleigh) for almost a year now and have tons of friends in Durham, I've not yet gotten to any of the local knitting groups. But, if you are on Ravelry, check out the Raleigh/Durham/Triangle area knitting groups. I know there are a number of knitting groups that meet various places in the area.

Brent Troth  Clearwater, Florida

Brent Troth  Raleigh, NC

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There is a shop in Cary: Shuttles, Needles 'n' Hooks.