Illusion Swatch

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Bravo! I have been tempted to play with illusion knitting myself.



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Love the rat....

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Thanks, it's pretty cool seeing the picture develop as you go. I'm working on my first illusion pattern at the mo.

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Illusion/Shadow Knitting is a great technique. You get this major thrill when you've knit enough that you can see the image you are creating.  I took a workshop for Shadow Knitting last fall and we had a great time with it, although I still haven't made a project using the technique.

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Nice work! I like the rat, too - is he a hairless breed?

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forgive my ignorance, but what is illusion/shadow knitting? If it's fun I want to know about it!

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It's a knit/purl technique ; which combined with two-colour striping gives you stripes in one direction and a picture in the other.

It's actually a simple technique - but can be a real bugger to keep track of the pattern

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