I'm back, stitches!

I'll share the most recent project I've completed I actually have a picture of, this kickass hat I designed on the fly. (I've gotten a lot better since I was last active on here.)

Someone asked me for the pattern, so here it is (as best as I can figure since, you know, I kind of improvised):

Yarn: Burly Spun, "Strawberry Patch"
Needles: 20" size 13 circular needles and size 8 dpns

1. CO 64 stitches (I used a 2-needle CO) and place stitch marker at the beginning of the row.
2. Join ends and knit 9 rows.
3. Knit 2 rows, then K2 P2 2 rows. Repeat 4 times.
4. K7, then K2tog for 2 rows.
5. Transfer stitches to dpns.
6. K1, then K2tog until there are 4 stitches on your needles.
7. Bind off and work in ends using a crochet hook or yarn needle.

Notes: I know you're supposed to use the same size dpns, but the 8s were the biggest ones I had and since it decreases so fast, it's not really noticeable. The yarn I used is on the pricy end, but I LOVED working with it. Oh, and I initially made a pom-pon for the top, then decided I liked it better without. But feel free to experiment.

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what a great yarn!
amazing colours!!

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Wow... great colors. Must be a pretty quick project right? How long did it take you to do one?


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Not long, really. It was a travel project, and I did about 90% of it on the plane ride. I'm guessing someone proficient with Continental knitting could do it in an afternoon (or a lazy weekend at the most).

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Great looking hat. The sweater I'm helping a friend knit for her husband is in BurlySpun Charcoal. A really nice yarn from Brown Sheep Co. and it seems a delight to knit with. If she has any leftovers, I can suggest this as an accessory. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks! I really like the Burly Spun yarns. I needed a little over half a skein for the hat, so I'm thinking about getting a few different colors and doing something striped.