MWK Issues & Making Holes

So first and foremost i am curious if anyone else is having the same problem i am with their private messages? For over a week now MWK keeps telling me "Access Denied" when i click my Private Messages link. I used to have access to my own private messages. What changed? I've e-mailed twice now without any response. So i'm opening this up to all of you--if you might what i've done to offend the MWK powers that be let me know! ::smirk:: Though, technical issues like this are common...for me.

Beyond this i've undertaken a new project. I'm working my way through some washcloths. I'm just learning how to shape my projects with increases and decreases and the kerchief order is an increase project only--the bar increase i've got down to an art (at least in knit stitch)! But i'm fairly clueless on decreasing. So, a friend mentioned that washcloths were a good project to learn to the ropes on increasing and decreasing. Turns out i've actually got a gift that needs to be finished by the end of October and washcloths seem to fit the bill. I found some cotton worsted in my stash that i don't have any real purpose for and have hacked away. I've had fun so far and i'm only halfway through the first one. I've finally started to make sense of the Yarn Over technique which is deceptively simple, and i've even taken a few steps into the world of Short Rows. The directions on those are confusing--to me--and the video i watched online about it didn't do anything but confuse me more because the lady in the video was working on circular needles and working in continental fashion which is fairly alien to me. But, i think i figured it out nonetheless. We'll see. Now it's just the decrease side and i've never done that (intentionally).

To top this off i report for Jury Duty for the first time this morning. I'll be taking my bamboo needles and washcloth attempt with me. Hopefully they'll let me work on it while waiting to perform my civic duty but chances are they'll wig out over it as a "weapon"....if they only knew the things a person can do with a pencil if shown properly. ::sigh::


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Good Luck with Jury Duty! I was able to get my needles in two of the three days I had to serve but on the last day... it was a different deputy checking us in and I had to go back and put them in the car. It was the L O N G E S T day of service!

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Unfortunately, court officials think you are not paying attention when you are knitting. Quite the contrary, I fall asleep if I don't have something for my hands to do. But they just don't get it.

Dishcloths are the perfect things to make when learning a new technique. I used it often at first. The yarn is large enough that I can see what is going on, and I could rip it out, if need be. However, a dishcloth is quite serviceable even if there are errors! Yarn overs are so simple.. just the yarn over the needle! -- but create such wonderful patterns. If you are making the Granny dishcloth, you will learn so much.

There are very helpful videos on Why haven't you looked at it before? We've already told you so many times -- there is nothing else worthwhile watching!

I don't understand why you can't get to your messages -- you have to sign in with your name and password... that's all there is to it! You may have to set up another account.

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Darrel pulled through! Seems there was some issue with some sort of setting...someplace. It's a little beyond me. Either way i can check my messages again which is quite shibby. ^_^ Danke Darrel!

And court went well yesterday. They let me take in my bamboo needles (i didn't even bother with the aluminums) and seems that although most people in Horry County aren't accustomed to seeing a guy knit it isn't too much of a threat to county security. I got picked for preliminary trials, but then we sat in the court room for 30 minutes and nothing happend. No Judge. No attorneys. Just the paralegals and legal aids and some uniforms. Seems it was settled before it even begun and we were excused for the day. Everyone else was quite annoyed with being in jury duty. I think i must've really stood out as i think i probably looked like a kid at an amusement park. X_x

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I often use dishcloths as teaching tools for beginning knitters. The cotton yarn makes for good stitch definition and is thick enough that you can see what's happening. Besides, as Tallguy pointed out, they are useful even if there are goofs. Congrats on the knitting at jury duty...never had to face that problem. For that...I am thankful. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.