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good morning fellas!  I found a sweet deal on organic colorgrown cotton on 12 oz. cones (845) yards but was a little bit leary of ordering it without some input.  I am sure there are some great rescources out there for buying coned yarn but it is a laungage I don't speak.  it is 2/2 which the seller says is a worsted weight.  WEBS has a sweet deal on some tweedy wool colors ( and it sells for 12$per pound for 992 yrds per pound. 4-4.5 stitches per inch.  I have never bought yarn this way so i don't know anything about washing it to remove the oils, drying it, or if this is just a bad idea but you could whip up a sweater for cheap with it!  if anybody has a good resource for buying yarn this way, or has bought it and wants to shed some insight on the washing process, by all means, please throw some help this way! thanks!



Anything from WEBS is fine.  The cotton you're looking at would be usually used by weavers for either warp or weft. That said, I have used for knitting to.  it'll be fine.  Check to make sure whether it's Mercerized or not.  If it isn't, it will shrink.  If it is, it will shrink very little if any.


About the wool:

What you buy from WEBS will be processed fibre.  You won't have to scour it or really do anything to it but block it when your project is finished.    As for washing it:  I only use Eucolan on my stuff.  Why?  Well, 'cause it contains Eucolyptus oil which prohibits moths and other critters from eating holes in my work AND (the best part) you don't rinse out after washing.  How fab is *that*???  Nope, just roll up in towels, press out the water and lay out to dry/block.

If you DO get into spinning (and you should!) I use Coopers Large Animal Shampoo to scour my fleeces.  It allows me to remove all the lanolin or leave some in for "spinning in the grease". 

You might also try checking out The Mannings.  They are located in Southern Pennsylvania and have a terrific cache of goodies for the knitter/weaver.

As always, I have no affiliation with either of these vendors . . . just a very happy shopper with great experience with both of them.


Hope this helps!

~Mike in Tampa 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

It definately helps!  i also found camilla valley farms has cotton in the 4stich to inch chunky range in a boatload of colors + natural!  it would be heavy but way cool I think and prices are dirt cheap at 8.35 for natural , 12.90 for color , 1lb. cones (420 yards) each.  i think I 'm gonna order when they re open tuesday and make sure I get a sample card.  here's a link:  I am thinking 2 color big stripes or solid and aran knit.  haven't made up my mind yet but that will change when i get it here!  Thanks Mike, Ill check out your link!  If I get unmercerized, can i put it up in skeins and wash in hot water to shrink it , then ball and knit it?

In a heartbeat!  Don't forget the dryer.  I'd use PermPress option if you do that.

~Mike in Tampa 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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 Like any yarn, make sure that they have a guarantee if you're not satisfied.  I can think of a very good deal on a beautiful looking cotton that I bought, very soft and nice hand, that shed little blue flecks over whatever I wore it with.  ALWAYS TEST by rubbing a handful of yarn against denim (white if yarn is colored) to see the shed value.  Any time spent knitting with poor fiber is time wasted.



I have searched out a lot of information about ply ratings because I recently purchased an older knitting machine. The passap dm80 I bought recommends 2-ply/16 yarn -- from what I can tell it works out to usually be comparable to sportweight or finer yarn.

 I bought the machine because I hate to hand knit on anything smaller than size 3 needles but I really like the look of garments that are made with those smaller sized needles.

 I have found the  world of online coned yarn to be very confusing – there are similar but conflicting terms used to describe yarn in the industrial world, the machine knitting world, the US version of machine knitting and then the hand knitting world.

 Machine knitting seems to have a much smaller user group than hand knitting and so I haven’t found many options beyond buying yarns online. Turns out that I have been very confused and often disappointed with the coned yarns I have purchased this way. Some have arrived and turned out to be much thicker than expected, knitting up say on size 8 or 9 needles when I expected them to be appropriate for size 2 or 3 and vice versa.

 The bulkier yarns are fine as I have just used them for hand knitting projects. But some of the really thin yarns are sitting in a drawer waiting for me to figure out what to do with them – some yarns are thin enough that I guess I could use them to sew buttons back on shirts.

 The coatings on yarns have not given me any problems. I just finished hand knitting a ruana that I made with euroflax linen and a coned multi-color mohair/acrylic blend yarn. I think I paid about $55 dollars for almost 1,000 yards of the mohair. It came waxed and had to be washed for the yarn to come to life and look like mohair but it was easy and fast to knit with.

 Here are two links to sites that have helped me understand yarn lingo:

 Describes lingo on cotton:

 Describes ply:

 Good luck and I would be very interested in hearing about the yarns you purchase online.


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wow, this is all very fascinating. please be sure to keep us posted with the results!!