From mary janes slippers to dish cloths. Now I'm harrassed into making dishcloths. The small projects are kinda satisfying for someone like me to work with. I am still having problems with some patterns. I cant seem to keep my place and get mxed up. The frustration is bothersome. I go away and come back alot. Ripping has become a way of life for me. I would say overall I am geting better at patterns..finally.I guess practice does make perfect.

I do however like to try things on my own with out a pattern This scrubbie/dishcloth is what I am up to now. Its crochet, so Im changing it to knit. I think this is a hoot. Great for christmas presents.

egg scrubbie.jpg80.19 KB


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Looks good enough to eat! And you could proably do some "toast" easily enough and give them in sets.....


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mmmm...toast with a couple pats of butter.

I hope I get some fun gifts like that. It's terrific. I think MMario has a good idea with the toast.

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Dude: That's great! I like Mario's idea of doing a complete breakfast ensemble.

P.S. I totally want your pumpkin slingshot.

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Perhaps you could knit up some strips of bacon, toast, and a cup of coffee to go along with it!

Last year a LYS in Portland, Ore., (Knit-Purl) did a window display of a felted Thanksgiving dinner. Here's a link to a archived copy:

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Smart move converting from crochet- knitting is much lower cholesterol.

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Looks great!