how much to charge

How much would you all charge for a baby blanket? I have two pending orders for me to complete and they are very willing to pay me :-)


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If it is a garter stitch blanket and they give you the yarn $50.00, if it is you who puts the yarn $50 plus the yarn cost, if it is an intricate job from $75 to $ 200 depending on the pattern they want, not including yarn unless is acylic lol! Seriously you have to charge them for the yarn on the side. Actually if they buy something I have made already, they get a deal, because is inventory inmy eyes that goes out of the door.
You can never trully charge all the time you spent, is a reality

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Amen to's one of the reasons I seldom do customwork. One thing I learned the hard way---Be certain you know exactly what the customer wants (size, complexity, etc.) BEFORE you quote a price. I once knit a full sized bedspread after agreeing to do what I thought was an afghan because I locked myself into a lesser fee. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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it's so hard to figure...I knitted an organic cotton baby blanket ( reverse cable stitch) for my granddaughter...paid $100. for the yarn.
...could have bought one for $40. LOL

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I heard one time it's cost of yarn + 4 times the cost of yarn. So, if the yarn is like $30, then it's $30+$90 = $120. But I don' think you can always use that formula....... depending on how intricate the pattern is and how much the yarn's a difficult thing.

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I have a friend who knits samples for professional designers...( I hired her to knit a ace shawl for my daughter that was beyond my skill level)
She charges 15 cents a yard (of yarn) for complicated knitting...and less for simple stuff.
I've forgotten how many yards of yarn were needed for the shawl...but the total cost for knitting was $150.
I supplied the yarn.
I wouldn't have knitted it so cheaply...