Sweater Issues Again!

Uggh! Frustration again! So, I've been working on a seamless saddle shoulder sweater and it has been coming along quite well until I tried it on last night.......First, I picked a size that was too small. It fits but it is really snug. It would look great on me if I was skinny and in my 20s. So, no big deal; it fits my nephew. What really bugs is that the pattern is wrong somewhere. The decreases did not give the nice saddle shoulder look but gave more of a raglan look. I went back and checked over everything and I followed the directions exactly. I reviewed EZ's direcitons for decreases on a saddle shoulder. While the directions are similar, there were obvious differences. This is really frustrating and it makes me really wary of patterns. How can you be sure of the veracity of your patterns before you dive into them?


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In this case, Ravelry is your friend (actually when is it not?)

Go to the pattern on Ravelry and check to see what the sweater looks like when knit by real people. You can also check the notes of the entries to see if there is anything you need to alter to get it to do what you want.

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My mother used to say "a knitting pattern is like a box of chocolates......ah, nevermind.

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you mean everyone makes a different selection from the choices available? Or that it's addicting?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation