Small diameter knitting

What does everyone use when doing small diameter knitting, like a sock. I'm just starting this, and it seems using two circular needles is popular, but I seem to have better luck with DPN.


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I'm much more comfortable with DPN's.
....but I have friends who prefer two circulars...
fortunately...whatever method we like is ignore people who say there is only one way... LOL

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I've used the following combinations of sock needles:

1 short circular (hate this method...the needles are too small for my fat hands)
4 double-pointed (works fine for me, but is a bit slower than two my opinion)
5 double-pointed (works fine for me, but is even a little slower than 4 dpns)
2 circular (my favored method if I have the choice)
1 long circular - "Magic Loop" (I'm not a big fan of the "magic loop" method)
1 long circular - two socks on one large circular (never tried this...seems to hard to keep track of)

I've also knit on an antique circular sock knitting machine and that's fun, but a lot of set-up work.

Any other methods folks have tried?

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I, too, find dpn's much faster than the other methods and I have tried them all. I was a small child when I started knitting socks and nobody told me it was difficult to work with dpn's. I admire Randy from this site who knits the most beautiful socks with 9 inch circulars but they are too small for my hands. I think it is wonderful that there are so many different methods and we can all find one that suits us best.

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My favorite, by far, is for 5 DPNs. I've used DPNs most of my life. However, have done Magic Loop and 2 circulars. Okay, but not as automatic as when I'm using my DPNs. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It's all a matter of preference and DPN suit me just fine.

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I usually have used dpns, but now my LYS has circs in sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, that are very short; the perfect size to use for sock knitting. I have given them as gifts, as well, to sock knitters, and they are well liked.

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I prefer using DPN's. They're easier for me to knit with, where as, I have a terrible time getting comfortable with circulars.
A few friends swear by circs, so, it's pretty much of which works best for you.

I like to Magic Loop my socks. Right now I am just about to turn the heels on the four socks on my needle. I am working them from the toe up, with a no-wrap short row heel. Guess I will have to get rid of all my leather with all these colorful stripes. LOL

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I've done 5 DPNs mostly but recently got turned onto 2 circulars - works well!!


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I've tried all of the above methods, but find magic loop works best for me.

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I prefer DPN's, haven't tried the multiple circulars or magic loop, it just seems like more to keep track of.

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I'm also a dpn fan I usually use the five needle method. I've tried magic loop but didn't really like it, it seemed as if I was constantly untangling my yarn.

DPNs always. Prefer using 4 needles. 3 to hold the work, one to work the stitches. A triangle formed by the 3 needles is much more stable than a rectangle formed by four. Also, fewer needles changes.