Ok - I have heard it said before that never refer to knitting as a hobby. Now I know why - It is an obsesssion! Since June I have managed to knock up three scarves, a beenie, a pullover, a vest and am now starting on a new pullover. Trouble is the new one is VERY cool design and simple BUT it is 4ply knitted on 2.75 needles! Yes, I know, patienceis virtue but one I have to learn and this one is going to be my teacher...

Also, had to plug my great neighbourhood. Kings Cross, is Australia's craziest suburb...the typical red light district (sex workers, prostitues, heaps of gay boys and girls and pretty much one of everyone) I love calling this place home.

As part of a city festival there was public knitting last month. This has now been installed in the park and it looks so cool. here is a link to the project but I will post some photos of the installation on the weekend.

Check it out - http://www.flickr.com/photos/reef_knot/


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Excellent logo!

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I stayed in a hostel when I was in Sydney years ago. It was a great area and I had a blast!

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I LOVE those pictures!

...and the I [heart] Kings Cross is just brilliant!

I noticed something in the pictures (unless it's true that camera really adds 10 pounds) -- everyone is using such HUGE sized knitting needles.

Maybe it's me because I'm so used to my 4.5mm but, I'm looking at these pictures and it looks like everyone is knitting with cue sticks!


I would have loved to have been there, for certain.

::sigh:: I miss Australia.