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So I finally did a sweater using EZ's no seam raglan method. All was going well until I got to the collar. I used the percentage method and the body and arms worked out fine. Even the raglan decreases worked.

Then I got to the collar and it was much too wide. I didn't see anything in the pattern that said to decrease at the collar. After I finished it, I checked another book with the pattern and it said the collar should be 1/3 the width of the total width of the yoke.

My question is should you decrease, and when to do it - before you start the back collar shaping, before you start the ribbing, and decrease how? Use K2tog, PSSO?

Hope you can help before I start the next one.


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I don't see in my book(s) where it says the collar should be 1/3 the width of the total width of the yoke, but I'm only looking at the raglan patterns too. Do you have her "Knitting Workshop" or "Knitting Without Tears"? If not I'll send what she says in those. I'm actually just a few inches into an EZ sweater, but it's not raglan.


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Which sweater are you knitting, Frank?

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Hi Albert, I'm knitting the Fugl sweater from Lopi pattern book 25. However, I'm not doing the zipper up the front. I'm also working with a dark olive as the main color with some lighter greens and black in the color patterns. I have the pattern book, but my swatch and measurements came up with something different than the pattern book has so I'm going with EZ and will decide where to go when I finish the body and sleeves and get to the yoke. It'll be an adventure!! It's knitting up pretty quickly because the yarn is pretty chunky - 3 st. per inch.


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The neck should be 1/3 the width of the sweater if it was being knit in pieces or if the sweater had shoulders. With a raglan, she says the neck should have 40 % of K stitches. If you have 40% of K stitches and the neck is still too big you can knit the neck border longer or add a collar or turn it into a turtle neck. Things can always be adjusted an inch or two in the blocking stage as well.

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I took a look at Wool Gathering Newsletter and Leaflet #8, from The Opinionated Knitter, and using a chest circumference of 40" with a gauge of 5 stitches per inch. From what I can tell, I believe the back neck should have 34 stitches when it's time to pick up stitches around the front and sides of the neck (which would be approximately 46 stitches). That would total roughly 80 stitches, which is 40% of the chest circumference. She then instructs to decrease 10%, which would land you at 72 stitches (14 1/4 inch neck opening) and finish with 1 inch of ribbing or garter stitch, which she doesn't seem to include in the instructions from KWT.

So based on this, I would say that the neck opening should be about 36% of the chest circumference; if the chest is 48", then the neck would be 17 1/4", which seems about right. Hope this helps.

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I'm liking your color choices, Frank!

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For the neck opening, I have had good results using the 1/3 formula as well.

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Thanks for all of your help I think I get it now.