Help Decoding, please!

Ok, so I am almost finished with a sweater, it is a top down raglan and I want to put an open crew neck on it. Eric Paul dug up these instructions for it but I need a little help decoding.

Open Crew Neck

Start picking up the neckband stitches 1 ¾” to the right of the center front. After picking up the last stitch, cast on the necessary number of stitches for an additional 3 ½” for the underneath part of the collar.Then work back and forth with shortened rows.
After the second row, work 1 stitch less at the end of each row twice, then 2 stitches less, until the neckband reaches the desired length.
Then work one more row all the way to the edge, bind off all the stitches, and sew the underneath part on.
For the open crewneck shown in the picture, knit all stitches in the rows on the right side of the work and alternately k1, p1 on the wrong side of the work.

Ok, I get the starting, picking up the stitches, casting on the extra. now for the short rows, the turns... what are your suggestions? has someone done a crew neck with simple instructions? I have to admit, my mind is a bit preoccupied at the moment and I am not thinking clearly. Wrap and turn? just turn at the short rows? I'm going to go pick up my glass of wine and hope that some of you smart men will be able to help me out. If nothing else, if I drink enough wine it will make sense, at least to me.

Thanks, guys!


If I am understanding this you want the collar open in the front. If so working the short rows will be your decreases to allow the opening, it will be like a very small v opening

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Personally, I recommend "wrap and turn" for short rows (instead of just turning) to avoid holes. Good luck!

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Cat Bordhi has a video tutorial on short rows on Youtube. It's just a few minutes long, but her approach is the best I've found so far. I believe it was Tallguy who put me onto it.