My needles are driving me nuts!

My interchangeable needles screw onto the cables and the keep coming undone while I knit. It's driving me crazy. So, I'm shopping for new ones. Any recommendations?



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Are they the knitpicks? if so, call them, they will replace them if they are constantly doing it. some of the older KP had this issue but from everything that I have read the newer ones are fine. I have not had any probs with mine at all.

Do you use a Gripper pad when tightening them? I have always used a gripper pad, you can also use a small piece of the knobby shelf liner, hold the needle in that and that will get help tighten them better, you can not use your bare hands, to much oil in them to get a good grip. My old boye set ( from the 70's) included one with it and sadly it has been replaced with the shelf liner piece. Try it to see if it works better for you.

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I have a Boye set and then I tried knitpicks and addai - OH MY! Go with a new set from either of the latter!

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i am stil unnaturally close to my addi clicks

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i like my plymouth set. sometimes i have screwing issues with them (NO ONE say anything), but i really, really, really like the bamboo and size options.

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Much as I hate KnitPicks (because they wont ship to Australia) I love their needles, dpns and interchangeable.

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Great post -
I'm considering asking for the Addi clicks from Santa.
- I've been good most of the year.

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At the West Coast Men's Knitting Retreat last month, we visited Skacel and found out they've been waiting for a shipment of Addi Clicks from Germany (for full sets) and may be waiting for them until May 2010.

Individual pieces are available, and some of the stores that stock the Addi Clicks might have them in stock, but you may want to look around if you want to buy the set rather than a bunch of components (I mean Santa might want to).

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So, I used the grippy pad and that helped. Addi Clicks sound good but they only go down to size 4. Are the really worth it?
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