Works In Progress

Alpaca Hat & Scarf
I finally got the right pattern and number of stitches to make this hat. It is coming to shape. I hope to have it done at the end of the week. This is what I get for taking a pattern and using a smaller yarn and experimenting. But, I think it will be awesome when I get it done. Something for me. How often does that happen???

Heather's Blue and White Blanket
I haven't done anything on this. It sits. Sigh. I need to get busy on this.

Sarah's Christmas Present Scarf
It is going, I have one skein crocheted up. It looks good. I hate it; but she will love it! The pattern is nice but I don't like the color. Again, she will love it!

Cat's Blue Scarf
I purchased some alpaca at the Fancy Tiger here in Denver. I like it. I think I settled on a pattern. It is the same one that I am using for Heather's scarf.

Heather's Scarf
I did a few more rows on this scarf. it is coming along quite nicely.

In the last week, this is all I have done. I wish I had gotten more done, but work seemed to get in the way. I have a few more that I have put on the back burners.


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Work was invented to irritate knitters.

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w*rk is a four letter word, after all....

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