I've got PRS

that would be:

It was a great weekend; though I will admit, all things considered I would probably prefer something a teensy whit smaller.... Sunday I could actually walk around without bumping into people (this is one the STREETS - not in the booths) but that was in some part due to the weather - which was RAW on Sunday.

I don't do well in crowds.....

It took me three attempts before I could wedge myself into 'The Fold' ; I didn't even CONSIDER going into some of the barns due to the press of people. It took me two hours to find building 'A' - the maps doen't remotely resemble the reality of walking around.

But oh, wow, the fiber. I even caught myself looking at some roving....though I manfully resisted even touching the spindle that Carol (BlackBunny) tempted me with on Saturday night at the hotel. Of course, purchasing two skeins of yarn from her "bag sale" helped with that...

I splurged on some Qiviuk; some Guanaco (both from Windy Hill) and at Skask managed to hold myself down to only 36000 yards of lace weight, plus two skeins of JojoLand harmony.

A couple skiens of "socks that Rock' to make a striped shawl....

and the possibilities.......the 85% angora yarn that fondling felt almost like putting your hand into vapour....it almost felt like it wasn't even there, it was so soft. and so much more.... (as I said, there were as many buildings I didn't go into as there were buildings I did go into....) I only truly **shopped** at two buildings....

And the quality of the entries into the competitions.....I really *do* wish Aaron's QAL had ribbonned; but the competition was fierce...and since the winner in his catagory was a 'Spanish Armada' I really can't complain! (YOu could have knocked me over when I saw it, though....I didn't know one was entered!)

And my "score" for the weekend was six , no, sev...uhmmm EIGHT different MMario designs I saw at Rhinebeck...counting the ones being worked on...

Boy, do I wish I had won the lottery....

But besides the fiber and the shopping, there was the food. Oh, was there food....everything from lamb ravioli to pierogis and pulled pork; Reuben sandwiches to cherry vanilla milkshakes. and more; much more....ruggalah and goat cheese and wine and italian cookies and dips and spreads and.... caramel apples and pumkin soup and....way too much food.

And of course the people...When I finally found Building E (about two hours after having reached the faire grounds) and was still stunned at the blue ribbon hanging off the Spanish Armada AmBush /Aaron came over and introduced himself and WillyG; When a few minutes later we went outside There was Joe, and Ted, and....okay - I'm lousy with names.....but we did the round robin thing of introductions....during the conversation a women walks by in a gorgeous green circular shawl....and I'm standing there musing..."I think that's one of my designs...."which is when a couple of guys go "OH! You're THAT MMario!" *blush*

Another half-dozen or so Men Who Knit met later at the Planning meeting for the spring retreat...Did I mention I'm terrible with names?
Hung outside with fiber friend from ren-faire; met some of the MarrioKKnits people; KIP-ed at the Holiday Inn saturday night....had to sing "Ghost Knitters in the Sky' and "The knitter's prayer" way too many times.....

So all in all a full, fantastic weekend, which I'd love to repeat - if only I could afford to do so!

I leave you with the following, set to the tune of:

'They call the wind, Mariah'
> Away in South America
> There's a fiber beast call Llama
> With relatives, Guanaco,
> Alpaca and vicuna.
> Vicuna! Vicuna! The rarest is Vicuna.
> The U. S. has it's Bison yarn
> The Middle East has camel;
> the frozen north has qiuviet
> but rarer is vicuna!
> Vicuna! Vicuna! The rarest is Vicuna..
> In New Zealand I bought possum yarn
> Found Yak in Himalaya
> In Lapland I scored Samoyed
> But I still ain't got vicuna.......
>Vicuna! Vicuna! The rarest is Vicuna.
> Vicuna yarn is soft and warm
> It's very fine and pricey
> But if you get your hands on some
> it knits up oh so nicely.
> Vicuna! Vicuna! The rarest is Vicuna.
> **********************************
> The above was brought to you by my weekend at Rhinebeck
> The insidious action of the Y-space hyper-ganglionic connections
> Way too much fun at the Holiday Inn Saturday Night
> Five hours alone in the car driving home
> And my purchase of some Guanaco yarn at Windy Hill.
> MMario


I guess you had a good time then.

MMario's picture

I do think one can say the weekend was more then "adaquate"

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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OHMYGAWD! How could I have not mentioned THOR?

So the MWK group had wandered off after we had sorted out roughly where to meet again at 2 for the retreat planning/information meeting; and I was hanging outside of Building A (really outside of E, but between the two) for M2K2 people....when suddenly there is this guy in front of me - looking to be about 9 and a half feet tall; burly bearded redheaded Paul Bunyan-esque; standing in front of me....with a couple MWK guys behind him grinning. Thor was working at The Fold; (and I want to apologize for the three women harrasing you Sunday morning while you were trying to setup....)

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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That was certainly a highlight for me, too!

MMario, one of the ladies at knitting group (the one, in fact, who hooked me on spinning) was very eager to find out if I got to meet you. I'm only sad that I was to shy to ask for a photo as proof!

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I thought you were in the photo with myself and Aaron? Or am I hallucinating again?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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You know, you're right. I think at the time I wrote that, the pic hadn't been posted or something. I have it now, though!

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Sighing with heartfelt envy. Not only because you had such success with the yarns but you got to meet several MWKers. Still, I'm glad you had a wonderful time. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Sound like a weekend in OZ- thank's for the vicarious tour!

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Rhinebeck I’m jealous.