Damn it Lars!!!!

And was so careful to write July instead of June.  Crap!!!

I take it back boys.... I meant to write 10pm PDT

It must be this backward thinkin'  See that's why all you Yankees have jobs!



So you make an entirely new post just to say that you screwed up the time in the first post?? Jeez...

We Yankees stranded in the midwest who are on a long hiatus from work can make it!  any time in the month of august works too!  can you not schedule these things during 12-1pm edt.  it's my assigned nap time and i am usually wore out from back to back jerry springer and maury povich "who's your baby daddy episodes"  i appreciate it.

So is it 4:00 Pacific / 7:00 Eastern or 10:00 Pacific / 1:00 Eastern or something else entirely?

Jeez... this is becoming much more difficult than it needs to be...

Ok... since I'm the whiney girl who was bugging Chris about the chat and apparently need to get off my ass and do something myself, then here it is. 



MONDAY JULY 31, 2006   

7:00 PST / 10:00 EST / Whatever that works out to be CT and MT.

If you want to come, be there. If not, there will be others scheduled I'm sure.