A kid in the candystore

I have to echo the glowing reports about Rhinebeck. Well, okay, there was fiber at Rhinebeck. But what overwhelmed me was not the yarns. Not too much, anyway. Okay, maybe the green ones. What got me was that I got to meet so many beautiful and talented men, mostly by hanging on Aaron(AMBush)'s coattails. I felt like a little boy, paying no attention to where we were going, constantly being distracted by fiber...and other things. Luckily for Aaron, I was wearing a ridiculous hat that served to keep me warm as well as make me easier to track down. He not only knew where to go; he seemed to know all sorts of wonderful people. What a guy...he put up with my green fixation, lurked with me by the restroom while waiting for the name of a pattern, and helped me carry my bags of wool. and then some...I was happy to have pie more than once on the weekend, since Aaron and his partner served my longtime favorite pie back at the house, then we ate chicken pot pie for a late breakfast in Rhinebeck. Every time I walked by the winding line for chicken pot pie later in the day, I laughed in my heart at our good fortune to beat the line completely. Heheh.

Meeting the other guys from MWK was the highlight of the day, even if I was rather shellshocked from meeting so many people I had wanted to meet--all at once. Suddenly I'm surrounded by them, being greeted with what I might call MWK's version of the knitter's handshake. I had feared that I would babble giddily, but I think I just grinned too wide from under my layers of knits. It was an honor to do even that, if that is indeed what I did. Thankfully, Aaron has better conversational skills and carried things smoothly. I got to follow Thor as he ran up to MMario in a giddy frenzy. I got to sit in on the MKR meeting and flash a hello to--again--a mob of lovely men. I only wish I could have hung with them longer. I've never seen him on MWK, but I got to take a picture with Dan from Gnomespun Yarns, too!

The rest of the weekend included
making Aaron share some of his male knitterly glory at his local yarn store, which was mobbed on Sunday,
making Aaron share with me some of the delicious wine from the festival,
making Aaron cook delicious meals,
making Aaron give me the last piece of razzleberry pie,
making Aaron and his partner watch *my* movies,
learning from Aaron about knitting gloves,
and hanging with Aaron's friends.
Did I mention that Aaron's an amazing guy? I daresay this is the kind of guys we have on MWK. Thanks, Aaron! And thank you all! One of these days, I will get to know more of you better!

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albert's picture

Don't be so shy, Willie; tell us how you really feel!
I'm impressed that the Rhinebeck men's room has a pattern dispenser.

WillyG's picture

You're making me chuckle!

It sounds like it was fun! What a wonderful time it would have been. I am jealous!

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

So glad you had a great time, Willy. I wish we has events here that were as easy to get to. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Aaronknits's picture

Your green fixation seems to have rubbed off on me. I've been looking at and admiring a lot more greens the past couple of days that are quite outside the "earthy" spectrum that I normally stick within. Playing outside of the color spectrums that we normally consider "safe" might sometimes be scary, but challenging ourselves like that isn't really such a bad thing!

Thank you for that! Really!

WillyG's picture

Haha, you're very welcome...I'm always glad to share things with which I am enamored.