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He may not mention it, but RJCB3 (Robert) posted a brilliant commentary on Maine's Gay Marriage initiative today on Facebook. Well worth the read. Well done, Robert!


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I agree, great job, Robert. You might just have to make yourself available to the cause if you continue to espouse as well as you did on faceBook. Keep it up, it's a constant struggle. I remember in 1997 speaking in front of the Nebraska Senate when there was a bill announced to ban same-sex marriage and how slow things have gone since then. I think you should consider sending that on, Robert, it was very, very well done.

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Well, it's very few things that I'm politically passionate about, and even then, I don't generally get involved except to cast my vote in the booth. I'm just a simple person.

I remember back in the early '90s during that whole great big coming out time when everything was all in-your-face and everything was all about coming out and visibility and so on and so forth. I mean, really...who "uses" the term "closet" in the way that it was 20 years ago?

...and I'm not getting married, nor engaged to be, etc. I've been through two LTRs that have convinced me that I probably won't ever get married...but it's human equality that gets me...and my open-ness to tell the world that anyone has just as much right to hate me as I have to exist. We boast in this country all of the beautiful slogans "Land of the Free" "Freedom and Justice for ALL" and I'm afraid that some of them have become, in some areas with the same collective mentality, nothing more than cliches every year during election season.

I have been through enough in my life that I could be way political on so many issues (I served in the US Navy and that's all I'll say about that right now)...but I don't want to be political. I really don't want to have to raise my voice with everyone else. I really wish that no reason existed to have to.

...but sometimes when I'm sitting there watching the news on television knitting away on this beautiful Baby Bog for a dear waitress friend who just became a grandmother and some ignorant itch-bay gets on some tangent about something that has nothing to do with the issue...and knowing that her mug on the television set is being illegally funded to be there in the first place and knowing that some people here (just like everywhere) could care less about the issues and just listen to what they're being told and vote that way...it's unfair and it's wrong.

Do you know how they passed this bill so quickly here in Maine? Oh, yes, some people wanted to make a big show of it, but the majority decided that this issue should be a non-issue -- we have bigger and more important matters to legislate, such as the economic crisis and housing and health for everyone. So, they passed it easily. They could have just as easily voted it down and failed it for the same reasons -- get it off the table because we have to deal with more important matters, but, they didn't. They passed it very easily. That says something.

It takes the muscle of several out-of-state groups ("from away" as they say here) to come in just to get their misleading and unfair points across to the more ignorant of voters. Even our own legislators in office in Augusta now are calling for those ads to be pulled because of their misleading and unfair content.

I just love my state. I can't call any other place home. I don't want people from away telling us how we need to live our lives...especially since they're coming into our state and living off of the funding from the people of our state (illegally funded or not, their way is being payed by our people) and not giving back to our state and after the election, win or lose, they'll go away and not come back.

This issue has certainly spread much further past just the marriage issue, but, still...we need to get it done and over with and that way you guys who are so inclined can come out here and get hitched and I'll give you a few good skeins of Bartlett wool in your weddin' basket -- pure wool from Harmony, Maine.

Ah geez...there I go again...type, type, type the novel.

Like I said. I don't want to be political, but at the same time...

Guys in Maine, please vote No on Issue 1. Guys elsewhere, please voice your opposition to the issue...and if you know other people up here in Maine, please ask them to oppose the issue just the same and vote No.


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As a former resident of Freedom, New Hampshire, hense de facto denizen of Portland, ME, I agree with your assessment of Our Fair State. Nothing would please me better than to become a full US citizen again.

"If I have a little extra money, I buy yarn, fiber books, and knitting supplies. I get food with what's left over."

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I'm not on facebook...so am unable to see the article.

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Yes, the man is from Maine and was giving a speech to the House just before they passed it to the Governor's desk.

It's a civil rights issue -- way past the point of the gay issue (even though this is magnificent for history, of course)

...but what really got me going was the blatant dishonesty. I absolutely hate that. I can't abide with dishonesty.


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Hear, Hear Robert!!! Well put and so true. I've been involved for so many years with this...in my modest way. I am appalled by the one thing that keeps getting in the way - mindful, willful ignorance. It's pitiful that people are so misinformed and won't bother to let themselves be informed as to what is right and true. Prejudice is based on fear and ignorance. But when people rely on the rants of others to make up their minds for them, rather than learn enough to make an informed choice, I have great sorrow for them. And so, the struggle goes on. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great one Robert and thanks boys for calling it out!

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