Sweater, Moving, and Mom

So I realized, it has been a hell of a long time since I have actually posted a Finished Project on here. It's not that I have not been knitting, it's more that I forget to get out the camera and take the pictures. So here is a sweater that I finished last night. I purchased the yarn at Gove City Yarns in Gove Kansas when Eric Paul came out here. It is Taos by Crystal Palace Color 12. The pattern is just a top-down raglan in 3x1 rib. I figured out the collar thing that I had questioned on last week and finished it with Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off. It is damn stretchy! The yarn is beautiful when it is knitted up but is somewhat of a bear to work with. It has a very loose twist so quite often the yarn separated and I had to back out a bit and retwist it. Of course once knitted it is plenty strong. One more word on this yarn... pick a pattern that you don't have to frog or tink too much... it felts in a heartbeat.

Otherwise, I am trying to finish getting packed, I only have a little over a week left here. My last day at work is next week Thursday. I am taking my mom to Gove this Saturday. Every so often the owner has a Knit in Gove day and has amazing sales, give aways, food, lots of good stuff. She realized that Saturday is 5 years to the day that she opened so she is having even extra sales to celebrate. I won't be buying any yarn, sadly need to save every penny I have for the move, but it will be a very fun day anyway.

I pull into Long Beach on November 4th and can't wait to get there. Sometimes it seems so far away until I realize how much I have to do in just over a week. And yes, I have all of the stash packed.

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the sweater is beautiful!!!
...and we'll all be with you every mile of the drive to Southern California!

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Thanks, Bill... That is going to be a tough drive. The inclination to speed will be overwhelming. I'm going to have to remember to use my cruise control.

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Love the sweater. I stopped into Gove City and purchased quite a bit for my stash a couple of months ago on my way back from a trip to Colorado. Loved it.

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Isn't it great. It's a mish-mash in there but once you get past that you can really get some good finds. And Betty and the gals are just awesome.

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If I try to say too much I'm gonna cry. I'm happy!
Beautiful job, BJ!

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beautiful work Brad.....
now......an easy, gentle and safe drive to Long Beach.... Thanks for putting it so beautifully Bill. .... Yes, we will be with you every mile of the way. - Phil

That's a very nice sweater and I especially like the neckline. Safe journey to your new life.

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I love the colors in the sweater and the collar. Very nice job. Have an enjoyable drive with a great arrival to a new life. Best of luck.

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Beautiful job. I love the collar!! Have fun this weekend and have a super great trip out to CA. So exciting? Coming through Denver on your way?


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An absolutely gorgeous sweater, Brad. That collar looks just like I pictured it from your description. Too bad that the yarn was such a beast to work with. Safe trip to your home in Long Beach. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful sweater and great colour. Have a good safe drive.

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Now, that sweater looks very Long Beach. Upon arrival, don't forget to say to whomever, "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Safe trip -- stop for rose smelling hither and yon.

Regards, Jerry