Has anyone been to S.A.F.F. in Asheville? It is only a 3 hr. drive for me . Thinking of going up on Sunday.


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I've never been to SAFF, but Asheville is an amazing town. I imagine you're already familiar with the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but I'm sure the drive and the fun of hanging out at a fiber festival can't be bad. I'd say, go for it!

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I live about 2 minutes from SAFF and go every year. Iti s definitely worth the trip. You'll love it! So much to see. Great classes. It's awesome! I'm going tomorrow morning.

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What is SAFF? Curiosity has caught me!


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Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival. It is awesome! Yarn and Fiber galore.

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Heck. That SAFF get together sure sounds a whole lot better than the Fat Class I gotta go to.

Regards, Jerry