My First Sock

I completed my first sock.  It was a lot of fun, and I'm pleased with the results, but not enough to finish the pair.  I have enough yarn to make another pair so I'm going to start again with smaller needles.  I did the first one with size 5 and am going to try 3's instead.  There seemed to be a lot of open space in the stitches.

I also need to practice closing the toe so it looks a little neater, and I'm not happy with the instep.  When I picked up the stitches on the side that shows in the picture, they were very loose.  I've received some suggestions on how to correct that and will try them on my next sock.

I welcome any comments or suggestions.

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Great work.  When I knitted my first pair a few years ago, I used fingering weight with a # 2 size needle.  Definitely wearable but I wanted them to be tighter.  So now I use a # 1 needle and rib the leg in a K2P2 (most of the time, unless I am doing a lace pattern).  They fit much better.  If the yarn comes with it (such as Jawoll), I add the nylon thread to the heel and toe.  Makes it sturdier.  Even though socks are labor intensive, I love making and wearing them.  They also make great gifts.  I learned from the Yankee Sock Knitter pattern which gives a good guide for all weights and sizes.

Good luck with the next one.

Congratulations on your socks.  I've been wanting to make some but haven't gone there yet.  I did find a pattern for a pair of heel less socks.  Maybe I'll start with that and then try an after thought heel.  For some reason it sounds easier to me.  Have you seen, The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook.  It's really a neat book on making socks all kinds of ways and even talks about spinning with a spindle and dying your own yarns.  The pictures are great.