Newly Deconstructed

Yesterday, while flat on my back during a 30 minute wait in the exam room at the doctor's office, I was looking at the florescent lights, as there isn't much to review in the new room. Inspiration struck for a new pattern that I haven't really seen in the books I have. The patterns of the light shield got me to thinking. I could do a pattern of one treble, then double, then single, then double, then treble in one stitch. Skip two, and a single then repeat. I don't know how that will turn up, but I think I will give it a try.

Today, I went to my LYS. I typically don't frequent this store. However, I felt the need to shop for yarn. So, this is the closest store. The owner is extremely bubbly chatty type who likes to ask what you are doing, what you need, what are you working on, how have you been; spoken all in one strung together sentence. I am looking for an aran weight wool that I can make a vest. She took me through the whole store pointing out all the yarn that I could use for this creation. There was one yarn that I fell for. I loved the feel of it. The only problem, it was all in pastel colors. She was going to order some more as it has been a hot seller. The colors she picked while I was there, were all girl colors. No darker colors at all. No black, navy, gray, brown... Sigh... One of the biggest thing I dislike about the store. I loved the teal color.. and pointed that out to her.

Although, I did find wool from a deconstructed sweater. Angora and wool. It feels great. So, I bought it all. At $26, it was a steal. I will do something cool with it, I think. A nice scarf or wrap for someone... I do think.

I started Grandpa's Christmas present. A simple hat for him to cover his bald head. It looks lovely. I should have it done in a week. I have put all the other stuff aside until all the presents are done. I don't have many this year, so... YAY. Now, to get mom's hat and scarf started. I am struggling to find the pattern with the yarn.


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I love the idea of your looking at the light fixture and seeing possible patterns for knitting. I am doing this constantly at home, work, everywhere! The possibilities are endless. I will soon be starting on a stranded sweater with a pattern inspired the the fall colors of the wild sumac bushes growing along my driveway. I also have on paper a pattern originally inspired by window grids which I will do in neutral colors (the yarn is on the way- now if I could only find a company that sells spare time!) It is great fun looking around your personal environment for pattern inspiration- let the creative juices flow!

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I once got the idea for a crochet piece from a model in my college biology lab. I also tried to figure out a woven version. It is fun looking at things and saying, "Hmmm...How would I get that to work?" -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.