So I have foolishly joined a 'secret santa' group and now have to knit something quick, simple but cute, I have been going through books, have seen pretty much every pattern on ravelry and am now completely lost.

Can anyone suggest something simple yet stunning? Help will be much appreciated.

P.S. For all you guys in CA I'll be visiting in December!


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will you be passing through San Francisco?

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yes, I'll be staying in San Francisco for a week

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well, I know this is terribly English but what about a tea cosy??!!

There's a great 40's pattern on the website of London's Victoria and Albert museum

I dodn't do all of the crochet malarkey, but I did use up some wool from my stash and Aunty Ellen was delighted. I added a nice box of leaf tea and it made a good present

Just a thought


Johnhansen-tarbox's picture has several quick and easy patterns available on-line. You can even search for them by yarn type, pattern type and how easy they are. I use them all the time for inspiration.

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You could always find a cute baby bootie pattern and turn them into miniature Holiday stockings. I did that one year, using them for gift tree ornaments. [Even made a few fake packages to stuff into them.] Hope you have lots of fun in California. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm a big fan of fingerless mitts...they can be very simple to do, and perhaps you could knit up a pair of Maine Morning Mitts first to figure it out (and keep for yourself), then find a pair that looks just how you want, or maybe just add a cable or something. I just finished a pair today that I've been improvising. The only, only thing you have to think about is the thumb gusset, which is really a piece of cake if you can do increases.

Don't know if that's "cute" enough, but it's a very useful and beautiful project that will get a lot of love if you use a beautiful, cozy yarn.

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How about some little toys? I did a little basket with a few of them as a present and everybody was delighted by them.
I found this hippo some time ago and it takes no time to knit:

You can play with the yarn colours, the weight, the needle sizes and the results can be really great! I've already done a couple and none of them looks exactly the same as the other ones.
There is also some more little toys there, the turtle is also a great option.

Hope it helps!