Blogs vs forum topics....

I've noticed the past few weeks that most postings to this site seem to be in the blog form; which is nice in that it can include photos; but I marvel that the forums are so under-utilized. I guess I just prefer the forum format. The blog forms seem so dis-jointed to me; and they are definately harder to follow for any sort of "conversation"


Mario as a new member of this site  I have to admit I had never noticed the forum button at the top of the webpage. I didn't really know there was another way to communicate here. The blogs are the first thing I see and so they get most of my attention. Thanks for the tip I will start looking at the forums section too.

I always click on "recent posts" and can see everything that's new, whether it's classified as a blog, forum, poll, photo or whatever.  You might have to change your account settings in order to use that option.

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ummmm.... i never even noticed the forum thingee.

I can't say I am new, just a little slow on the uptake. 

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