Hi guys! Anyone interested in knitting here?

Perhaps you'd like to check out the knitting blog I started a few months ago. I had been thinking about it for a long time and since I started it I've been writing entries (on a highly irregular basis) to experiment with content, photos etc. I didn't want it to be about things that are already on Ravelry, for example, so I've decided to use Ravelry mainly for the results and the blog for the process, things like inspiration, running into problems and trying to solve them and so on.

Of course I could have written an entry about it here before, but wanted to wait until I was sure I wanted to keep blogging. Now that I know how I want to use it I think it's a lot of fun!

Since I'm Asplund and I knit (shock horror! a man who knits!) I thought I'd call it "Asplund knits" for the sake of simplicity.

Hope you like it!


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Asplund, I am a fan of yours and I eagerly await your latest designs, because I find them thoughtful, carefully balanced, honest and intelligent. Because of these qualities, I would prefer you not compare yourself in any way to the raucous, militantly drawn to the lowest common denominator, agenda-ridden and the all-too-often dumb content of Ravelry.

Oh, there are glittering gems in that pile of mining tailings. Wonderful information. Good writing. Great ideas.

Try and find them, though, and you better bring your precious time, a shovel and several pairs of galoshes. You are in for a lot of work. And this is by design. Yes. Really.

This is not a rant, but I risk having the combined outrage of many folks hurled at me when I state this opinion. I am troubled deeply when you choose to leave something out of your blog because it is on Ravelry. I think this is a mistake, and if you limit what you take ownership for because it is somehow on that site, I believe you are making a major error.

Ask any librarian, ask anyone who works with data, ask anyone who does research...Is there any difference between information and knowledge? You will be amazed and surprised at the answers you get...because the difference is almost as wide as the universe.

Most of Ravelry is information...callously tossed together in the blender, and served up as social networking. The knowledge is kept difficult to find by design...we are watching the slow decline and death of printed media, and Ravelry's creators cannot risk alienating any potential advertiser.

The content is not edited, sifted, combed, analysed, reviewed or presented on QUALITY in any consistent way or with a point of view. The creators of Ravelry are quite proud of this state of affairs, and prefer it be like high school, chaperoned by matrons and duffers to prevent the recurring food fights in the cafeteria.

The geeks, varsity teams, cheerleaders, nerds, models, trolls and other Darwinian human groups of knitting and crochet can co-exist and prosper. They point to the number of groups on the site as proof of this Peaceable Kingdom.

I disagree. The groups are on different planets, isolated from each other, and not referential to each other...unless someone chooses to do the work. The result when someone does do the work...surprise! Another new group!

Please do not edit your writing by what is on that site. Refer to it, identify it, write about it...so we can all learn where to find the brilliant stuff amidst all the banal and boring. You are part of a wonderful trend...the Renaissance of knitted garment design and creation.

"If I have a little extra money, I buy yarn, fiber books, and knitting supplies. I get food with what's left over."

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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NYB - you really need to stop repressing and tell us how you really feel about things.

Some VERY good points above!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Very fine points, gentlemen. I was looking over a friend's shoulder while trolling through Ravelry - looking for yardage needs for a sweater - and thought "I am glad I've resisted signing up for this...MWK better suits my needs." Looking forward to checking out Asplund's blog. [update - Awesome blog, Asplund. I shall have to make it one of my regular stops.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I have to agree. I troll through there just to find inspiration on stuff. I just review the pictures and find something and favorite it. Categorization of things would help as it sifting through project ideas can be quite difficult.

Anyway, I do like Asplund's blog. I read through most of if it the other night. Fascinating great stuff there. I put it on my reader so I wouldn't miss any future posts.

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So glad to see you blogging...just signed up as a follower.

I've been following your blog for almost two months and enjoy it very much, having found out about it through google and your Flickr site. I find your comments and designs original and beautiful, and think that you are a talented photographer. I also especially like the blogs that you list. You enable me to look at the cream without having to do any work. Thanks!

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I'm in awe of your knitting so I'm sure I'll enjoy your blog.

I consider you one of several inspiring people and am looking foward to reading and seeing more. Occassionally I will go thru your flickr sets for inspiration....and now I can read about your work. I look forward to learning something from you too.

PS..I am not sounding like a stalker....right??? Yikes!

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So many kind and encouraging comments - thank you all! You make me feel I'm on the right track with my blogging.

I should develop what I wrote about Ravelry and keeping it sort of separate from the blog. I expressed myself too briefly there - and perhaps hadn't given it enough thought to be able to write more. Anyway, I didn't mean I'd separate Ravelry and blog content completely, but simply that they would have different focus. There are two main reasons for this.

1. To me, Ravelry and a blog are suitable for different kinds of content. I find Ravelry excellent for organising my projects and information about them, but a blog far better for highlighting particular things, to name just one thing. For example, I can make use of layout to make a photo and text enhance each other. (On Ravelry I may have the same information, but the photo and the text will be separate from each other.)

2. It seems like a waste of time (and space even if it's cyber space) to have more or less exactly the same content in two places. To compare to MWK and Ravelry, I think it's great they're so different, that I visit them for different purposes. I think Ravelry is too impersonal sometimes - it doesn't have the warm and friendly atmosphere of MWK that makes me come here several times a week even if I don't write entries or comments very often.

I must confess I'm a Ravelry fan too, though. I don't use it to look for ideas since it's so overwhelmingly big, but often to find out more about a design/yarn/book/designer I have already seen somewhere and am curious about - then it's easy to find photos of different projects and comments on them. It's fun seeing how different the same design turns out when people put their personal stamp on it too, I think. Also, I often use Ravelry to look up things about my own projects, like what needle size I used for a yarn I want to work with again.

It's a good idea to use my blog to refer to gems I've found on Ravelry - and MWK too, of course!


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What sweater are you wearing in your profile picture? It's stunning.

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Thank you!

The shells and cables are from an Alice Starmore design, "Cape Cod" in Fishermen's Sweaters, but the shape of her sweater is very feminine and the yarn is completely different. So, I had to come up with a different shape, and I made a completely different kind of collar too, simply because I thought this kind would go well with the ocean theme.

There are more photos on my Ravelry page if you're interested. I'm Asplund there too and I call the sweater "Shells sweater".