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SCHEDULED CHAT7pm PST - 10pm PST (10pm to 1am EST)The main topic is how your progress is going with the Clog-Along as well as any other knitting-related questions/interests/suggests/comments you may have. I've listed it as ending at 10pm PST, but it can go on for as long as guys want to chat.So get a drink and some nibblies ready and come in to socialize. There's a great group of guys here. Chat with someone you haven't met yet. 

MWK Chatroom


Sorry to be a nuisance - for those of us that live elsewhere around the globe, how do this times equate to GMT/BST?

In the announcment it shows GMT+6. I assume that's my timezone (EST).

So if it's 10pm EST, does that make it 4pm GMT? I'm not up on my EST to GMT conversion. Anybody? 


You will add 6 hours to those times.  So, 10 pm (22:00) EST is 04:00 GMT.  If you get the pot ready, tea measured, cup out, hit the hay around NOW, 21:00 your time, and you should be good to go getting up around 03:30 and logging in at 4.

 Bonne Chance !

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I believe Pacific time is GMT +7. At least it is currently coming up on 7PM in GB, it's just about 3 pm on the US East coast, and is just coming noon on the Pacific Coast of the US as I post.

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Just wanted to say thanks for everybody that participated in the chat tonight. It was alot of fun! I think we were up to 12 people at one point... including a few guests.

If you weren't there tonight, you were missed.