Men knitting article - Ontario newspaper

Sometimes I just google men knitting articles I just came across this one from a newspaper in Hamilton, Ontario. So I was reading it and lo and behold, the reporter writes... "They log in with monikers such as Adam's Rib, Purly Man and Socktopus..." Sort of a shocking surprise to see my username in a newspaper article from Canada!!


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How could they write that article and not mention OUR site!?

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I know... I kept waiting to come across it. Seems like it would be the first thing one would come across in doing research. So on another note... enjoy this exciting week!!!


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That is cool!

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My sign in is sooo tame. But I chose it because my name is so common and there aren't many Joes I know who knit in Wyoming. [No...I am not attempting a pun!] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Well!!!!!! Coming from Toronto, I was very pleased to see the article, I really only dissagree on one point, I do stash and I have 34 projects on the go at any given time, although I must admit that "Lars" and "MMario" are mostly resposible for that. Thank goodness my new man just laughs at me when I come home with more yarn. I will be posting a picture as soon as I can get good one of both of us. Don photographs quite well, it is me who is the problem, I keep braking the camera rofl.

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Very nice. I just don't understand the part about not stashing. I have stash, lots of stash. I stash yarn the way my dad used to stash tools. Total fear that I will run out of yarn.