Waiting... for a jet plane.

I'm about ready to crochet in public. Our plane to the UK has been delayed. I brought two projects along with me to do as space is a consideration. I don't have much in terms of carry-on room. Maybe I should get a bigger bag??? Thinking thinking thinking... :)

So, I am just sitting here watching people researching yarn shops to visit. I have found one that I want to visit at the Leicester Market. Purly Man found this one as well. I think I need to change my words to something like habadashery? I think they call them something different over there. Anyway, the Leicester Marker I know we go there to buy cheese, so we will hop on up and buy yarn. It makes sense to me. YARN. I just hope it meets my expectations. Oh.. I found more... all with in 10 miles of each other near where Nick's cousin lives. YAY! Makes me happy! I can go and purchase yarn to bring back with me.

Other than that, I am about ready to fall asleep waiting here. I got up early so that I would sleep on the flight and wake refreshed and such. Good plan if the plane leaves on time.


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Hi Brady - hope you had a safe flight and got the UK all safely and soundly!! Happy yarn shopping too!!


You need to ask for a wool shop or a yarn shop. Very few haberdashers sell wool. The large department stores have a haberdashery department and yarns are often found near there - if they sell yarn.

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Hi Brady. I hope the flight went well and that you got a lot crocheted. I get a lot of knitting or crocheting done in airports and on planes. I have also found the flight attendants always start a conversation with me about the project I am working on. It is amazing how many of them knit or crochet. Have a great trip and post pictures of the stash you buy.

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Hope you have a grand time. Working on projects in pupublic is always fun. Great conversation starter. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

I crochet in public - mainly on the buses or tubes in London. If you come to London and see someone crochet-ing on public transport, be sure to say 'hi!'...