It's Like Calculus...Tiny, Simple, Incremental Changes Add Up To...

I recently had the most delightful exchange with Wendy Bernard, a designer some of you, dear readers, know from her well-written book on top down, fitting knitted garments. Yes, the patterns there are all for women, but the information is helpful to see how to bring shaping and fit into hand knitwear.

She, like I, bemoans the lack of good design for mens knitwear. But she is doing something about it. In her next tome, she plans to include a men's garment or two, and in addition, how to convert a women's design for a man. While this may seem like a piffle nod to the issue, I consider it a major break in the logjam.

She also made it clear that looking here at the objects MWN members make for themselves and their loved ones would also give her ideas on what we like and serve as inspiration for future creative activity.

Our role as our own best advocates for change seems even more important. Perhaps other designers here should respond more often to the Calls For Proposals issued by the knitting mags? Or advocate to other designers we know to look here and at other resources for what we like?

Just a thought...


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Good idea about answering the knitting mags. I only subscribe to one and haven't much access to others. Still, if we design more things and submit them, it would offer more patterns that are geared for men. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.