Safe at Home

So after three grueling days of driving through mountains (hey, I'm a flatlander, what do you expect?) I have arrived safe and sound in Southern California. Everything has been moved into the apartment from the Explorer and the brakes need to be fixed tomorrow thanks to the constant riding of the brakes as I went down (what I thought were) steep mountain passes at speeds that should not be allowed.

I am so happy to be here, the sun, the warmth and the ability to wear shorts and sandals in November is just wonderful. But far beyond that, being with Eric Paul and knowing that I don't have to leave him in 5 or 9 or 14 days but that I get to stay here for as long as he can stand me makes me happier than I have ever been.

Thank you all so much for believing in us, for supporting us, for being excited for us as we start our new life together. I see many happy years for us as we sit and knit sweaters that look good but are a little bit too warm for southern CA. I guess that is just a good reason to go back and visit my, excuse me, our family back in Kansas.

Signing off for tonight. As soon as I can talk EP into taking some fabulous pics for me, I will post some pics of a couple of FO's that I brought along with my stash. Thank you guys, thank you for keeping us in your thoughts, keeping me in your prayers as I drove the 1500 mile trek, for listening to my inane ramblings that don't have alot to do with knitting but do have alot to do with happiness. Thank you!


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Good to know you made it safe!
All the best
to both of you
from Sweden!

Masses of good wishes to both of you in your new life.

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May you have as many happy years together as we have had together...........will be 34 years New Year's Eve.

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Glad you made it safe & sound. You made me cjuckle as I came from flat Ohio to the mountains of NC to be with my partner. I had the same feeling driving through the mountains...terrified !! Have a great life together and be as happy as we are.

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Thanks for the update and congrats to you both!! Such a great thing for us to be able to share with you! It's one of the greatest feelings in the world - knowing that a new life with something has begun for real. Best of luck to you and EP. Maybe instead of sweaters you can just work on really light muscle shirts! :-)


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Like the others...glad you made it home safely. Also, thanks for including us in the exciting blush of new love. It's always great to see that.

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Thanks for keeping us up to date. So often people only share the "downs" of their life on the internet - it's great to hear about the "ups"!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I am so Jealous. I have enjoyed every step of your journey and wish you all the best.

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I am so happy for you guys.


Glad to know that the journey was safe and the arrival was good.


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welcome to the southland

all i know of love, is love is all there is

we put birds on things

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What a very nice post ! I'm happy for you guys. Congratulations!

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We are all delighted to have you safely home! warms my heart to know that you have both found happiness...(not everyone does).
I think of you as family, (even though I have children and grandchildren of my own...) so the fact that you have finally settled in together makes me very happy!

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Me too!!!

Me too on everything that's been said!

hugs! - Phil

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Good that you are home safely. May you both have many Blessings and the very best of everything together. Knit on, in peace and harmony. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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So pleased to hear you have arrived safely. Joy and happiness for a long life together.

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Welcome home!!!

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Happy happy happy happy! joy! happy! joy!

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my feelings exactly!

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Am delighted to read that you arrived safely. Nice to see that you two are together.

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Thanks, all! Now that I have been here a couple of days it is amazing how much this place feels like home. I can't believe how wonderful it feels to be back.

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With the right person, anyplace will feel like home. Hope the two of you are always this happy!


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Hi guys....I am so happy for both of you, as you know I am going down the road with the love of my life and it is a wonderful journey that we (all 4 of us) are making. Good luck and I am sure your love will grow stronger each day.
Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz Dennis