FO - Iceland Lopi "Fugl" sweater

After binding off four times, I'm satisfied with the tubular cast off method. I liked learning how to do it and it works well I think. This is out of the Alafoss Lopi yarn I bought in Reykjavik last summer and based on the Fugl pattern. I added in short rows, opted not the put in the zipper, and sized it using EZ's system and the Cobblestone sweater I knit last year. It's not yet blocked but fits well anyway!! Too bad we're having a warm spell here in Denver. Could've used it last week in all the snow. Oh well... winter's on its way no doubt.

Wearing the sweater

Closeup of yoke

Tubular bindoff in process


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Wow, Frank, that is a great looking sweater. I think I like it as a pullover much more than if it was a cardigan. Great color choices, too. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I agree, this sweater came out fantastic! The fit is pefect. Where did you put in the short rows and for what purpose?

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Hi Albert. Thanks! I put the short rows in the back... one set of two right where the sleeves and body came together, another about 1/2 way through, another an inch or two from the top and then one set right where the dark green collar starts. One reason I put them in is because the Cobblestone sweater has them and it fits me perfectly. I think the idea is to make a bit of extra room for the curve of the upper back and shoulders. It also helps lengthen the back to the collar(neck) in the back is higher than the collar(neck) in the front - I think you'll notice when looking at most pullovers or even t-shirts that the collar is lower in the front. Whatever it did it's worked out well. I've only ever done two sweaters for myself and they both have the short rows so I can't really compare them to a sweater without them.


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By George, he's got it! By George, he's got it! Sort of brings a tear to my eye.

"If I have a little extra money, I buy yarn, fiber books, and knitting supplies. I get food with what's left over."

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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Thanks NYB for the recommendation and the prodding to give it a try!!


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Great looking sweater Frank. Well done.

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I like your color choices better then the ones in the pattern. It really turned out great and looks great on you.

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The sweater is gorgeous. It is a perfect fit. Beautiful colours, pattern and workmanship. You must be proud of yourself.

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Awesome looking sweater! I do love working with Lopi wool. Maybe I'll make myself an Icelandic sweater...after I clear 10 or 15 items out of my queue ;-)

Wonderful looking sweater Frank! The colors are fantastic.

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That turned out spectacular! I am rather impressed.