No stitch?

I have a pattern for what's called "Tiger Eye Lace Scarf" - the pattern is only in chart form and on the chart there are these grayed squares and the key says that the grayed squares are "no stitch". What the heck does that mean?


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That means that those stitches have disappeared by decreasing and no longer exist. However, If you left them out of the chart, the chart would no longer work as a guide for you. As you go further along, they usually reappear as increases to repeat again.

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In other owrds, ignore that square. It is "the gap in the map"

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"no stitch" means -- um.. no stitch?? Just don't do it, skip over it, there is nothing here, don't do a stitch. It's all clear when you knit that row. You'll see.

Why is that square there then? Well, how else would you do it?!? The design you are creating, as you see it, has to be lined up in that column of stitches on paper, but in the knitting, it just isn't like that. So you just jump over to the next stitch, and in those greyed out squares, there is nothing there! You don't see anything. There is NO stitch. You don't do anything at all. That's all.

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Thanks guys. Yes, it made sense after I started working the pattern. The first row of the pattern has two quadruple yo's then the the proceeding rows have a series of K3tog and S1K2tog psso's reducing the number of stitches row per row. A totally new experience for me and very slow going but I can tell it is going to be gorgeous when completed.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture takes a bit of getting used to once you start working charts. However, knit on and pray that the key is accurate and well-written enough to see you through. Hope you have fun with the new project. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It means the stitch is not there yet, or the stitch has been there and is no longer there -- to accommodate not having to re-chart for every yarnover and k2tog. or what have you.