People Just Don't understand Male Knitters

Where I am from in Southern Ontario Canada male knitters are few and far between. which is not that bad but strange when there is no one out there that understands the passion i have for knitting.

The hardest thing is talking about it at work. For the most part because my co-workers don't really understand and have a tendence to poke fun at me.. This of cousre is until I give them something that I have made, then they are nothing but thanks and that is so cool.

But whatever I will never let it get to me. I enjoy knitting and I do not plan on stoping anything soon. Which is good since I have to start getting ready to start making Christmas gifts.

Anyway That is all I have to say today, 




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I am also from Southern Ontario, a little town near London.  Everyone in my family knitted so there was no big deal about it.  Carry on and who cares.  I have always found that co-workers are always critical.  I just go to work and don't let anyone bother me. Glad you have found a passion and hope you develop your talents.

That's cool. I am orginally from a small town near london as well. A little town called Tillsonburg. However I now live in Waterloo, with my wife.

I found that knitting helped with my work cause I use my hands all day at work


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I'm from Buffalo, NY and have been knitting for nearly 20 years.  I've had the critical looks from friends and co-workers, especially when I knit during a meeting.  They get over it eventually.  Now that they realise it relaxes me they are more worried if I stop knitting.  And if they see me put my knitting down, a look of fear hits them hoping that I'm not going to yell at  them. LOL!

I knit, I enjoy knitting, I enjoy what I make.  Anyone who doesn't like that, well that is their issue not mine.  BTW... welcome to the group. 

As I see it we all have to do our bit to dispel the myths about men knitting being macho or not.

Put aside the issue of who started knitting. We are living in today. Whether you live in a small town or a major city, knit in public. Educate the ignorant public.  

I live in Manhattan & knit on the subway & buses, in parks & restaurants, on planes crossing the Atlantic Ocean. With friends & solo. Be bold. Spread the craft. Together we can do it. 

Knit away, knit away

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When people give me funny looks, I just smile back.

If they get snotty, I remind them that I have two pointy sticks in my hand.

Unless it is at the airport -they tend to frown on that.

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

Hahaha... I like that.

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Waterloo is a lovely city.  I am teaching at a university here in Mexico and some of my students go to Waterloo for graduate work.  I might come home for Octoberfest!!  Haven't been in years and certainly miss it.

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Hi Derm, Just relax about knitting and don't ponder over what others might be thinking. I have been knitting seriously for over 30 years and my partner of 26 years also knits, though not as passionately as me. We don't care who knows and what they think any more. Often I think people are envious of those of us who are talented in that direction. 

Some years ago we took a train trip of some 9 hours during which we both knitted. It was a great source of entertainment for the other passengers. The older women were just dying to ask questions but not game to do so. And the guard, well that is another story, he was very interested each time he passed by which seemed to be a little too frequent if you know what I mean!!

Just last Sunday at church, Keith, my partner, wore a hand knitted sweater and a liitle old dear made a compliment to be passed on to who knitted the sweater. When replied that it was he who had knitted it, she didn't believe him. She did, however later believe him when it was comfirmed by me and two others who 'know'.

Keep up your great work.

Hey, Derm.

Once you've established yourself as an eccentric, people tend to stop questioning anything you do and you'll find yourself with lots more room in which to do it! (:^D)

I knit everywhere.  I spin everywhere.  Here's me, as usual, spinning during a Staff Day meeting for all 600 library staff members here in Tampa.  I plop down at the back of the room and can fill up 3 spindles full OR work up 1.5 socks. 8 hours of knittiing/spinning AND I get paid for it!  What's not to like????  HA!   

Have a great weekend!      ~Mike in Tampa 

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What difference does it make? If someone has an issue of a male knitting, that is there issue not yours.

Tillsonburg? My back still aches when I hear that word!

That song will always haunt me... It is not the first time someone has mentioned that song when I say I am from Tillsonburg and I bet it will not be the last.


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Knitting while male:  some funny stories...  Going to fiber fests and being VERY patronized to by gals selling yarn... "Hmm, I think I will just go SPEND LOTS OF MONEY ON YARN over where they don't treat a knitter of 30 years like he is an idiot."

 Q: Are you really knitting?

 A:  Of course not. Men can't knit:  The balls get in the way.


Q:I can't believe you're doing that!

A; Yes, ma'am, double seed stitch.

Or when I worked at a yarn store, and an older lady didn't want to be served by me because I couldn't possibly know... and the gal who ended up helping couldn't answer her question and she had to be brought to the school's knitting teacher....Me... hmmmm.

Being English (and Martin will back me up on this...). it is a cultural norm to be 'eccentric' and people would die of severe embarrassment rather than make any comment at all to one's face. Ever! They would just politely ignore it.  (In fact, in England if you were in an accident, it would be ages before someone dared to ask you " Excuse me, Did you know you have a leg missing?")                       Shop assistants serve you without comment and are just as helpful (or rude, as the case may be) as they are to anyone else.  No problem.   However, it's also our cultural norm to rush home and go absolutely berserk about it in private - but that's another matter.