Saddle Shoulders, KAL Reminder, Reinbeck

So, cast on for the saddles shoulders, hoping for lots of snow this year, its a lot of knitting, size 9 is smaller than I would prefer to knit a sweater, mostly because I love chunky weight yarns, but mostly cause it won't t ake 700000 years to finish a sweater. So again, lots of blowing snow and blizzard conditions should have it done in plenty of time for next winter. .

Just a reminder taking members to the 2010 KAL group til December 1st. Have about 16 so far. I have just received our exclusive pattrn and starting a knit through for myself this week. Its going to be fun fun fun!!

So, I am outside doing leaves today and my neighbor is a bit of a tree hugger spends time with her son who lives in "the catskills" (destination unknown) so she is telling me about this "sheep" festival with knitters and spinners etc and how great it was and you would love it etc. Turns out it was Reinbeck she spent a day at. Definitely on my calendar for next year. . .