UK Wool Adventures

I have always wanted to purchase some UK wool (aka Yarn!). My expectation of the proper yarn shop was a bit lacking. But then I don't know what I really was looking for, I suppose I was looking for something like Colorful Yarns or A Knitted Peace shops in Denver. These are proper wool shops as I have been told my British mother-in-law. So, this is the level that has been set.

I popped down the the Leicester Market to see what the shop was like. Frankly, I was disappointed. It reminded me of the small aisle of yarn at Wal-mart in the states. The acrylic did look quite nice. But, I couldn't see what I could do with it. I wanted selection and the oohhh... touchy-feely experience.

After that bit, I did some more research and such to see where the next one would be on our travels. I found one in Lincoln, but as it was Sunday, it was closed. Sigh... I did buy a faulty memory card that I took pictures on and are lost to the wind. Sigh...

After that, we did some more planning and were going to the Peterborough Cathedral and Cambridge. On the way is a little town called Oundle. Odd name, but they have a wool and needlecraft center. I was slightly more impressed with this place. I did find two megga balls of an acrylic/wool blend (80/20). It was in the Black Watch color (black, blue & green). I purchased these either for a sweater or a blanket.

After this, I decided to give up on my yarn shopping as I really want proper British wool yarn.

I had a bit of down time and decided to check the MWK site to see what has been posted. I noted a few messages from DavidUK who gave me a bit of information for wool shops in London. I am bummed as we aren't really going to make it down there on this trip. However, he did provide a link to a maker of British Yarn. I popped the link up in my browser window and found a bunch of wool that I covet!

I did some more research and found more brands of the wool that I covet. A bit more research, I found and I ordered some to be shipped to Nick's cousin's house. It should be here Friday! Squee! I am so glad that David wrote me because he set me in a direction that I needed to go. Plus, if I am ever in London, I know of a few places I wish to visit.

I still want to get some yarn from . This was the original site he suggested. It all looks very lovely, but I couldn't get it shipped to me in time for our Sunday departure. But, I am rather excited about these stuff I did buy.


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How great that it all worked out for some good wool for you. This is one of the fantastic things about being members of a global-based community...contacts that help with everything knitting-related. Hope you continue to have a great time in Britain and a safe trip home. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

If you had looked up Rowan Yarns you would have found the names of all their outlets, and these are usually some of the best WOOL shops. The little town is called Oundle and it has a very famous school. Glad you enjoyed your trip, and I hope you visited that beautiful cathedral in Lincoln.

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We did visit the Lincoln Cathedral. Very beautiful place indeed.

I never thought to just look up Rowan and see where that is sold. I was relying more on Google and google maps to tell me where the nearest place is. Interesting enough, I was a John Lewis the other day and I didn't know they had yarn. We will be back there on Friday. :) I also found one we may check out today as it is close!!! Thanks for the suggestion!

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I just happen to be the very lucky recipient of some yarn from Blacker Designs - compliments of the extremely kind and generous DavidUK!! :-)


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Bring a ball of it to the next group thing. I want to feel! The stuff online looks fantastic!!! The prices over here are cheaper for that yarn. So, that makes me happy! I shall bring what I bought too. Just so you all can see.

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I'm always happy to buy and ship stuff to you if that helps. I have a paypal account so we can sort it like that. Hope you had a good trip

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We might just have to do that. And cheese... I love the cheese over here. Tasty! LOL. Thanks David!

I love their website and love the look of their yarn...terrific colors. I could almost drool....

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It does look like yummy yarn, easy to work with and all... I think I will get some in the future. Maybe we can make a mass order, Frank, you and I and have David ship it over!