Niche market?

It's practically impossible for me to find a decent bag to use for felting. The Wal-Mart and Target stores near me have NOTHING. No zippered pillow cases, no lingerie bags, nothing. What's more is the one lingerie/delicates laundry bag I found (at Bed Bath and Beyond) has mesh that is so open that it really defeats the purpose for blocking the fibers from clogging up the machine. Okay, so that may not be the ONLY purpose of using a bag when felting, but...

Doesn't anyone make a decent mesh bag that zips shut whose mesh is nice and close to trap more fibers in the bag to prevent clogging? If not, does anyone know how to fabricate and patent? I'll share profits with you. LOL


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I can think of a few options you could consider.

A. Walmart, BBB and Target usually have mesh, dirty laundry bags that fit onto a frame to be used as a hamper and transport to the laundromat. These have fairly fine mesh.
B. Get some mesh at a fabric or craft store and sew your own or just tie up the corners of the mesh fabric around the item you want to felt.
C. If the felting item isn't too awfully large you may be able to do choice B with some cheese cloth purchased at a grocery or hardware store.

In my area, K-mart seems to have the best assortment of laundry care products like lingerie bags.

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I may have to try one or both of these. Thanks!

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I shove the article to be felted into a pillow case and then tie a knot in the pillow case to close it. Works for me.

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The only problem with this method (which I've been employing up until now) is that it's very difficult to untie the pillow case when it's wet and check on the felted item to check on how much/little it's felted up 'til then. And I've had a few come untied mid-felting. HORROR!

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I got mine at BBB. If your local store doesn't have them, you could get it online. Good luck!

What are you felting?

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I buy pillow protectors to use for felting. ANy place that sells bed linens will have them. The protectors are plain light colored material with a zippered closure. They protect the pillow from any body fluids that go through the pillow case. I buy the protectors that fit king sized pillows. They work like a charm and contain all the fuzz that a mesh bag doesn't. When I'm done with felting I zip them up, and throw them in the dryer. Once dried, unzip them, turn them inside out, and shake out the fuzz. And if they are really fuzzy, pick up any remaining fuzz with sticky lint the shaking out doors.........savess a clean-up indoors and the birds will use the fiber balls for nesting.

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I have mesh bags with zippered closures. If you can't find anything that works for you, let me know and I'll send you one of these.