Good to hear there

It is good to hear that there are others out there that understand what I feel.

I will say this I do not worry what people say about what people think about my knitting. It is just that I wish they could see the benifits of knitting. Besides homemade gifts, I also find that knitting helps with my hands. When I am not knitting I Chef/cook at a university. Before I started knitting I found that I got hand cramps from all the chopping and food prep I had to do. After I started Knitting the cramps are pretty much all gone. Those are just tow of the benifits I find in knitting.

well I could go on for ever but that is all I need to say for now.



i'll try to say this without writing a book, but I'm a construction manager for a large architecture firm and have been building mission furniture and wooden boats for fun for years.  when my work buddies, found out i was knitting they tormented me to no end.  for a few months, I hid!  slowly i began to not give a crap and not feel so self conscious about something i was very passionate about.  two of my closest knitting buddies and I closed a bar last monday night knitting away on the patio.  I may get some funny looks when knitting in public, but lets face it, who really has the balls to say make fun of a guy 6'6" and 235 lbs with a near shaved head?  I have only had it happen once and unfortunately it happened about a month ago IN my lys while i was knitting with a couple of friends.  some old hillbilly said "ain't that cute, a boy knittin."  it was the way he said it that bothered me so i ripped this redneck a new asshole right in the shop!  after i was done, he sheepishly said he knit with his grandmother as a child and promptly left the shop without his wife.  had he minded his own business, there wouldn't have been a need for such an embarresing exchange but I refuse to let anyone "ruin my fun".  i was going to keep to myself on this one but thought i would share.