Mom's cardigan

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That amazing work! I can only imagine the patience it took.

I usually don't like things with any bright colors, but, that made my jaw drop! 

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Unbelievable!  Can you post a photo which shows the join of the sleeves to the body?  Did you make this pattern up or follow a commercial one?  It's like a sampler.  I love all the colours and designs!


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I have to admit, it is a commercial pattern from Knitpicks.  It just looked like it would be so much fun that I had to make it.  :-)  I'll post a pic of the arms joining the body.


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Like Matt, my jaw hit the floor when I saw the picture of your cardigan.  Congratulations for a beautiful piece of work and also for what looks like a very difficult piece to create.

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Thanks for your comments, everybody!  Here's a pic of the arm and how it joins to the body.  This was really the hardest part of the whole thing--not because it is that complicated, but just because I don't really like picking up stitches.


Arm joint

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Very festive.  I hope your mother loves it.

great work! how do you like working with "Pallette?"

Incredible work, you are very talented & have a very lucky mum! 

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