Last call. The details for the January Knit Along have been posted on that group. Membership will be closing December 1st. Two weeks.

You will join and knit along with us (Jedi Mind Trick)

Am currently test knitting the pattern. . . mmmmmmmmmmmmm knitting


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sorry, i may have missed this, but what is it that we're knitting a long?

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Ahhhhhhh the mystery, the suspense, we will be knitting a pair of felted slipper/bootliners. It quick its easy and forgives mistakes

The World's a blast. Ka-Whoosh, Ka-Whish. With healthy soul and belly. And all the skies are full of fish, and all the fish are smelly!

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a perfect project for this time of year!
Can't wait!

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Oh... maybe... I suppose I could use some could my parents and my twin brother.