Brooklyn Tweed's Koolhaas hat

I am currently working on the Brooklyn Tweed Koolhaas hat. It involves a lot of 1-stitch cables. It is coming along nicely but it has taken a while to do (I will post pictures this weekend when I am hopefully finished with it) and has made me wonder if there is a way to do these very small cables without the aid of a cable needle. Has anyone tried cabling with a cable needle?


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I've done three of them - it's a great pattern huh?! I'm a wuss though and have always used a cable needle. There was a discussion about not using one though and I'm under the impression the pattern works really well without a needle.

You can find some suggestions in jwhassjr's post at:

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No need to use a cable needle for 1x1 cables. Just take the first stitch off the needle and let it sit in back of or in front of your work. Then knit the next stitch, pick up the "waiting" stitch, and continue. I've done this up to 4x4 cables. If you are using a slippery yarn, it may not work as well and you may need to resort to a cable needle (it helps to use a needle a size or two larger than the ones you are knitting with). A tip I learned from a friend is that if you are using a cable needle, the best place to keep it when not in use is under the band of your wrist watch.

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"under the band of your wrist watch."
That's perfect! THANK YOU!
...I'm always losing my J hook...

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I suppose that's better than what I usually do... stick it in my mouth....

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I suppose a nose piercing (through the middle) would be a great "holder".....

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I've seen that! I tend to put mine behind my ear, like a pencil.

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I do cables without a cable needle all the time. I use a different method. You can find videos on knitting Also on youtube but it can get confusing with all the different styles. I find slipping the needles into the second half of the cable stitches and sliding the first half off then back on works best.

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When I did Jared's Habitat hat, I just rearranged the stitches on the left needle before knitting them all. Worked like a charm. So, for example, for a cable one held in front, I slipped the first stitch onto the right needle, pinched the second stitch off of the left needle with my right thumb and middle finger, slipped the first stitch back from the right needle to the left needle, and then replaced the stitch I had pinched in my right hand. Then, I knit both stitches.

That all sounds complicated, but it really wasn't.

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The funny thing is that I had my cable needle in my mouth as I was reading about Tim holding his cable needle in his mouth. hehehe

Thanks guys for all the info.