my visit in New York (nr 4)

From December the 2nd to the 17th I will be in New York. I am very happy!!! It will be my fourth bussines - private trip to NY. In the first week I am the guest of Metropoplitan Museum of Art (Textile Conservation Departament) on the seminarium with lecture (the first one in English !!!) about last, greater conservation projects of two tapestries in my Cracow-Wawel Museum. Later I am free. I woud like to do some shopping in Manhattan (black cashmir wool, "long" needle (120-150cm) nr 6, ...). Have you some propositions? I have 8-10 shops from internet, but you MUST KNOW better!!!
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jerzy pl.


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How delightful you get to visit New York! I once worked at the Met...near the art, unfortunately, not with it.

I would put the Habu showroom, School Products, String, Seaport Yarns, Annies & Co. on your list. A walk through the Fashion District midtown and the Fashion Institute of Technology area in Chelsea will be a treat. There is also a great show at the American Museum of Natural History on The Silk Road in Asia and many other fabric-related shows at other spaces this month.

Many other members here in New York,,,we should have a Men Who Knit Knitting night at Annies on a Thursday eve, or take it over for a weekend afternoon. Be happy to attend or meet you here when your time allows. Annies also has a mirror-image store above the yarn shop of needlepoint and embroidery supplies from all over the world.

While I agree with Joe above that the Knitmap is a resource, it is missing quite a few locations. No matter.

Also, for what it's worth, I am a button-whore as well a yarnophile. M&J Trim, Tender Buttons and B&B Buttons are the hellmouths of buttons for the serious addict. Fair warning.


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Hey - This is great. I will also be in NYC for 4 days early Dec. I have never visited yarn shops there and am looking forward to doing so. I suppose I should up my credit before the visit :-))
So thanks Jerzy and thanks for the post Built.

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You might also want to check out

You can check out shops in NYC and if you want, the site will actually map out a yarn crawl based on the shops you select. It's pretty cool. I used it when I was in NYC a few weeks ago and even though it's my hometown, I found a few new places along the crawl. Have a great trip!

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Jealous to be there. You'll have a great time. I hope to have a MWK meet when I next visit New York. Whenever that may be. Safe journey and lots of fun when you arrive. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.