Knitting club at local school

My local school district sends a newsletter to all local residents to inform us of the various activities and achievements of the students and faculty in the school system.  The most recent newsletter had an article about the Knitting Club in one of the middle schools.

What an excellent idea!  They are teaching kids a skill they can enjoy throughout their lives and, if you'll read the article, community responsibility.  More importantly, I counted  10 Boys Who Knit in the picture!  I think the faculty sponsors are to be commended both for their community involvement and for attracting boys to knitting at an age where gender identity is over-stressed.

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10 boys, that's progress and really terrific!  As more boys and men pick up knitting, maybe the magazines and books won't be targeted nearly exclusively for a female audience.  Wishful thinking?

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The Waldorf school teaches knitting to all of the children.  It is to cover several subjects including motor skills, math, history, concentration, and a lot of other things.  The teaches say the students all benefit from doing it.  And they do mittens!!  We just need to look at it with new eyes, that's all.

For the second year running, all of my fifth graders are learning to knit. A few were able to do so before entering fifth grade; now they all learn finger knitting first of all, and then 'stick' knitting. Some are more successful than others, which is only to be expected, I suppose. I would love to boast that that means all the boys knit too - but this is an all girls class. Even so, at least they are learning something of value along with mathematics, english etc etc...
I'd have to add that some of the children get quite surprised when they learn that their teacher (male!) knits. But they soon get over it, which is all to the good.