For the first time in I-don't-know-how-long, I've only got one project on needles (technically not even one since I finished a glove last night and have yet to cast on its mate).

Finished the sweater that's been hanging around for a while, and I'm thrilled with it. I'll get a photo and post it soon.

Almost finished my first sock, then decided to try it on to see how much longer the foot needed to be. The pattern I used starts with some lovely, stretchy ribbing, then switches to some lovely, unstretchy cables for several inches before the heel turns. Unfortunately, my size 14 feet wouldn't fit through. So I decided it would become a present for my honey, who's considerably smaller than I. But it wouldn't even fit onto his size 7 1/2 feet. Odd for a pattern from a book of knitting projects that are supposed to be by and for men (Knitting with Balls). So now it's once again a potential-filled ball of yarn. I like most of the pattern, so I'll give it another go with a change to the cable configuration. And I'll verify the fit before I turn the heel next time. And I'll probably knit both socks at once to see how much of a tangled mess I can make. ;)

Next up is the other glove, then to figure out what to do with all the fun new yarn I've been adding to the stash, waiting for me to give it some attention.


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We knitters are an undisciplined lot- too much temptation. The only solution is to own only one circ and one ball of yarn.

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one? *gasp* That is *SO* not funny.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I *SO* agree... blasphemy... put up the stake... light the fire...

oh.... got a little carried away there. :-)

Grace and Peace,

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That would make me nervous! I always have to have something complex like lace going and a pair of socks as a travel project. I hate to be stuck in a car for any amount of time without something to knit or the doctors office or the airport or even at friends house for dinner.

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I have to say I very rarely have more than one project going on. Guess I'm sort of monogamous. But I very rarely if ever have NOTHING going on...


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...did you say only ONE...and even that's only "technically"

Are we to understand you have not a stitch cast on at ALL?!?!?

oh...mah heart...Ih feel faint...someone bring the smellin' salts and mah lace fan; Ih need some ayah.

I know! Quick! Grab your needles. Got any yarn? Yes you do, but there's NO TIME!!! Deal with that tragedy later...pull the thread from your pantleg hem! Anything. Slip that knot and cast on and get at LEAST a stitch crossed from one needle to the next. Figure out what you're going to make from there.


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giggle giggle giggle snort

I'm in my office at the moment, and my needles are in the car. I've got a couple pens though....