Finally Felted Clogs!

I finished knitting these last weekend, and ran them trough one cycle in the washer.  Then it died.  I had been expecting it from the sounds I'd been hearing from it, and the dampness on my basement floor in front of it.  My neighbor let me run them through a cycle in her machine, and that helped, but they still needed more so I just decided to wait until I replaced my machine.

We bought our new washer Friday night and had our plumber come this morning to replace the water faucets for the washer because we discovered that they were in need of replacing (they wouldn't shut off!).  So, after finishing laundry today, I threw these in for one more cycle just to finish them off. 

The yarn I used was Nashua, Wooly Stripes in Cognac that I bought at a buy one get two free sale.  I think I might have gotten the greys and browns to pop a little more had I tried to "line up" the colors when I started each skein but I didn't bother.  Still though, I like how they turned out.  I've already started a second pair with another yarn!

Here's before and after pics.



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Aaron, your clogs have turned out great!  It's too bad about your washing machine though, unless you REALLY wanted a new one.

Awesome colors!  Dosen't Chris V. owe you a prize for having the first official posted pic of completed clogs?

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I think Ken and Victor have preceeded me on that.  But if Chris want's to give me a prize, he still can!

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Hi Aaron, Surely Chris will give you something for finishing first!!!!  I have only finished one clog which was a test run as I had to substitute yarn and needle size to et the desired effect. However, I have completed the first clog of the real pair and will start on the second tonight. BTW, any one find they take days to dry?? I did mine last Thursday and the sole is still a little damp, even with our warm days here.

hey victor, I don't know if you really want to try this or not  with your clogs but I dried somithing i felted yesterday on top of my air conditioner outside and it worked great.  it has to be that lots of hot air is blowing off that thing but it is completely dry after 5-6 hours of sitting on top over a form

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They look awesome!  I'm also glad to see that the unfelted clogs were as big as mine are.  I made the men's large and they are ginormous! They are as long as my forearm.  BTW... great idea using your sneaker for a scale reference.

 I just have to finsih the seam on the outer sole of the second one and they will be ready for felting tomorrow during wash day.  I be sure to take before and after pics

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Wow, Aaron . . the clogs look great.  I'm glad u posted the before-felt and after-felt pics.  I'm glad to know that I giant knitting project will eventually shrink to fit.  GREAT JOB!