When you take a pea (green mobius) think of me

For my friend Tia for her birthday. Modeled beautifully as a shawl by Nicci of Close Knit Yarn Store on Alberta in Portland, OR.

3 different yarns...2 random Lily Chin wool boucle-ish things from the stash and Tahki "Shannon" worsted (which I LOVE) done in my "chasse" method in a 7stx10r checkerboard. Knit like a short scarf and kitchenered together with one half twist. Turned out way better than I expected.

Anyone good with getting phone photos to size up and down? These wouldn't download on my computer for some reason, and I had to use thumbnails. Luddite...no wonder I knit. It's amazing I don't knit on fishbones instead of resin or bamboo.

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Wow - The color and texture look great!

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LOL. I HATED the combo of the 3 yarns (one each row in sequence) for the first 2 hours that I knit it... My gal-pal requested pea-green, but I didn't have enough yarn in my stash to knit the whole thing in one colour, which would have been too boring, anyway. So many (women, esp) complimented me on the colour, I began to like it. The finished product looks pretty wonderful, I have to admit...the colours are great in the sunlight.

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lovely. makes me want to make one for a friend!

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Incredibly fast and easy. I whipped it out in an afternoon-evening. Best in one of those soft brushed alpaca or wool blends that yarn designers like to put out and you don't have any idea what to do with.

gauge: 4st/in on 10's.
Cast on 32 and rib one row k1p1
garterstitch 2 stitches (each end). K7 P7 K7 P7, garterstitch 2

Basically it a checkerboard K7P7 (x2) with 2 stitches of garter border. The boxes change from K to P every 10th row, repeat to desired length, ending with full square plus one row of same pattern, give one half twist (so the back of fabric on one end meets the front of fabric on the other, and kitchener it together.

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Did you knit it straight or did you do some shaping at the shoulders? It's a great thing!


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It's a cheater's mobius... a short rectangular scarf that gets kitchenered together with a half twist...It allows it to fold over like this. No shaping involved. Normally just draped around the neck, but Nicci has the instints of a supermodel in the body of a curvy Filipino woman and draped her shoulders and then turned at an angle. Boom! With her hat the just HAPPENED to have a matching felt flower...PERFECT!

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Very nice, Bob. I knit a neck scarf in fine alpaca for myself using this twisted rectangle moebius and have received lots of compliments. I attempted the long loop, 2 sided type and just about screamed in frustration. Your lucky friend will pobably get lots of envious looks with this accessory. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.