Christmas knitting for men

Lars made a funny post that made me think of this. Howzabout we each share a story about knitting a holiday gift for a guy/s in our life?

Mine: No husband/BF, etc... so I knit for family members for the holiday. One year I made a nice but plain Eco-woolscarf for my twin brother. I thought he'd like it but part ofme thought it was just too heartlessly plain, so I included a snazzy textured fabric sample scarf and I gave him permission to regift it if it was too "avant" for him to wear. Turns out he LOVES the fancy one cause it encourages women to talk to him. (Does he tell them that his twin brother designed and made it? OOOOOHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!)

This year, all male family members are getting hats that use a bit of the same fabric...I'll post about it later.


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Haha that's cute =) At least he ended up liking it! I'm making my brother fingerless gloves this Christmas, and praying that they don't find their way permanently stuck to the floor of his closet...

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

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Ah, knitting for twin brothers...Mine received a handknit vest out of my own handspun but complained the fit wasn't quite what he wanted. Could I redo it? Then, I knit him a surprise pair of gloves (the only pair, to date, I've ever knit) and he had the audacity to complain that they were too big. [Only by enough that making a few snowballs would have shrunk them to size.] Then he lost them while staying at a friend's house and didn't confess until several years later. Needless to say, he isn't getting any more handknit goodies for quite some time. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I've made things for Matt (my man) and he wears and likes them. So that's been good. Two Christmases ago, though, I made two hats (one for myself and another to take to my Dad). The one for him is actually the black and white one in my profile pic. The other (that I was going to keep) is this one. I gave him the hat, he said he liked it, and he was wearing it around. Then we traded just for the heck of it, and later on that day, my Mom says something like "Oh, are you wearing Frank's hat?" to which he responded "Oh no! We traded!" It was news to me but it was totally fine. I really liked both and I would much rather him have the one he wanted. We are both still wearing them to this day.


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When my ex and I were together, I knit him a hat one Christmas. It looked a little small so I let him try it on before Christmas and sure enough, it popped right off his head. I knit straight through the next day (day before Christmas Eve) adding a few stitches to the pattern and gave it to him on Christmas morning. He couldn't believe I reknit the whole hat. Only thing, this one was too big! By the time I finally got around to knitting another one, we had split up. The third time was the charm though – that hat fits me great!

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Got to love it !

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OK, so last year I worked my ass off to finish a sweater from my partner Tom. While I am knitting he openly complains that I don't knit anything for him. The pattern is called Fork in the Road and takes time, and lots of it, so I thought this would thrill him. Well, I finally finished it, in secret, wrapped it and got ready for his surprise. It wasn't until he tried it on that I clued in that I should have measure it way too small. He was appreciative but it was clear he would never be able to wear it. We ended up giving it to a smaller friend who loved it so much his sister swears that he sleeps in it. I have restarted the same sweater, in the same wool, in a much larger size. We'll see if it is finished for this Christmas.

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I believe there are a couple of scarves at the bottom of the bin that haven't seen the light of day in a few years - honestly, my guy is a GREAT shopper and I have to admit his favorite scarf is a work of art I only wish I had the vision to create.
Always remember - pick your battles gentlemen. Happy Holidays.

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Years ago I decided to knit a sweater for a guy that I was infatuated with. Now generally, I take great pride in the fact that most garments that I knit fit perfectly, but this time (and yes, I did make a swatch), the sweater turned out HUGE! However, despite its outsized nature, the sweater was otherwise quite nice, and I couldn't bring myself to throw it out. A year or two passed by, and I had moved across country to San Francisco. After being there awhile, I hired a trainer at the gym. Seeing as how this guy was around 6' 2" and about 250 lbs., and wanting to give him something for Christmas, I thought of the aforementioned sweater. And of course, it fit him perfectly and I didn't have the heart to tell him the truth. He also commented on how he never had owned many sweaters because he couldn't find one that fit him properly.

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Why do I keep forgetting you have a twin!

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How nice to see you here!

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I knit gloves for my dad that I'm fairly certain have only seen the light of day between the time when they were unwrapped (as a Christmas present) and moved to the storage bin in their house). Oh well.

A little off topic, my very first sweater was for my wife - it turned out three times too wide and she couldn't get her head through the neck hole (and that even though I made the neck larger than I thought the pattern required!) It, obviously, has never been worn and remains in the closet waiting for me to recycle the yarn (which I really liked) into something new.

Since I'm the only guy in our house so far (don't have a clue what the baby, due in January, is going to be), I knit a lot more for women than men.

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