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I am here to say, that I am a yarnaholic.  I admit that I am powerless to yarn.  Yarn has interrupted my life, deleted my savings, driven away suitors... My life is controlled by yarn.  I hear the siren call of silk, wool, alpaca, linen, mohair... I am weak and unable to resist.

 That being said , I just picked up some lovely yarn at a sale yesterday , and only went 3'x over what I planned to spend.  SO, my goal for next month is to have a rummage sale, and whatever I don't absolutely love out of my QUICKLY GROWING STASH (I love that word...it sounds like you could hide it in a drawer... I couldn't hide my stash in a UHAUL!) I will sell.  Unfortunately, what I will sell probably won't interest male knitters: mostly badly advertised mohairs and some novelty sold on e-bay.  Not very butch stuff.

 What else?  Nothing really....working on my sash and my kilt...making good progress on the former:  1-2 feet per day (I'm speedy).  Photos of me in them by the end of August, promise.

Picked out some really cool yard called "Fatigue" at the sale~kind of a felted but stretchy wool ribbon, that I am going to knit my first "top down cardigan" in.  Merlot, periwinkle, and olive.  Should be very fetching for fall.


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You're right, the word "stash" makes one think that the yarn is easily put away and that knitting is a harmless hobby.  While my stash hasn't grown too terribly bad, I can understand how it could easily get out of control.  Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your POV, my husband has threatened to simply throw out any yarn that grows beyond the established stash confinement zone.  He's also now taken to calling himself a "knit widow".  

Cute pic of you and your dog! 

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ha!! you are not the only one. i guess there are a lot of us out there. i had a knitting party at my house a few months ago, and i asked everyone to bring any leftover, extra, overstock, etc of yarn from their "stash". we did a yarn exchange. it was great. perhaps we could do some sort of trading on here or something?!?!

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Had I the disposable funds, my stash could get really seriously out of hand. As it is it takes a good deal of restraint on my part to keep its growth in check. My partner is a bit worried, I think, but as a designer he has little room to point fingers. As for your not-so-butch stash elements, if you have yarns that are warm, you might consider doing some charity knitting, like something for Dulaan Project. Since you're fast, you could probably kick out quite a lot in time for next year's shipment, or maybe even a lot for this year's shipment for Afghans for Afghans.

 Even though it's not knitting, I'd be very interested in seeing progress on the kilt. I'm awaiting delivery of a Utilikilt and have had the notion of sewing my own for quite some time - even have a sewing pattern for one. 

Also, cute basenji. I used to know a few but haven't seen one for years now.

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

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i started out with just one set of stackable bins of yarn......then it grew to the point there's a yarn room in the house  *sigh*  i justify it all by saying "i'm only sublimating a lot of romantic frustration by buying pretty string" or some rot like that......the yarn room isn't all yarn tho' it's also where i indulge my office products fetish.

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One of our yarn stores has a "Yarnaholics" card that earns you a discount when you spend $250 on yarn, needles, pattersn, etc. 

My stash is confined to one side of the closet in my office, and I do my best to keep it manageable.  Yarn for larger projects is in bags or boxes next to a set of plastic drawers that hold my needles and yarn that I only buy one or two skeins of for smaller projects.  The books and pattern binders reside on the upper shelf along with a basket full of different novelty yarns.

The other side of the closet is all costume stuff.  Biker, cowboy, Renaissance wear, Santa suit, etc.

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It's the Santa suit, right?

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A year ago we moved house after 20 years there and got rid of 10 garabage bags of yarn!!   YES, please don't say that I am a fxxxing idiot for doing so as I now regret it. At the time it seemed the right thing to do and in hindsight made little difference in the light of all the other possessions we moved. However, I take some comfort that I gave it to a friend who knits for charity. Am now down to two stackable bins but will endeavour to build it up again!!